Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Next Chapter

After waiting on pins and needles for what felt like forever, we finally know where we are headed next.

Jared has been selected for an ROTC position at Michigan State University in East Lansing. He will be an instructor, helping train those interested in becoming officers in the USAF. I find it fitting, because that is how he became an officer. 

We will leave Great Falls on the first of February, stop for a quick family visit in Iowa (and maybe kidnap Gramma), then we will be on our way to Michigan! 

Despite the fact that Michigan gets more snow and has less mountains, we are super excited about moving to Michigan. The number one reason? I can raise chickens in city limits ;0)

That isn't the real number one reason, but it's pretty high on the list.The homeschool community there looks pretty awesome from what info I have been able to gather on-line. There are three riding stables (all with indoor arenas) within 20 minutes of the campus. Art and other creative classes are plentiful. LIBRARIES! There are a lot of libraries we will have access too, which makes Emma and I super happy. 

We will also be closer to NH and IA, making visits (both ways) a little easier. Sorry Arizona family! 

Jared is actually pretty excited as well. The riding trails will be a little farther away, but the college has a a lot to offer for bikers. They also have a blog dedicated to the bike scene

Really, the more we look into East Lansing and Michigan, the more excited we get. The city recycles everything, there are bike paths throughout the city, we can have chickens in our backyard, we can grow some veggies, the college offers a year round veggie CSA, and there are other farms in the area where we can get our meat and other fruits and veggies from.

The college also offers youth programs such as 4-H, theater, foreign languages, sports camps, a writing camp (fitting!) , and a ton of other cool looking programs!

Like I said, the more I look around, the more awesomeness I find! 

So now I am off to research the day away. Starting tomorrow, however, I need to get this house cleaned and organized and ready for the movers. I only hope that two months will be enough time for such a giant task!


  1. I am so exited for you. Will have to ride the motorcycle to visit. Hey Mark if you read this maybe we can meet at Jared, Tina and Emma's house next summer.


  2. Feb. seems like a long ways off, but I am working on my patience. You all may need that time to pack up a house, all I have to pack is a bag and I am ready! Just saying, "I am ready." Foreign language camps so wonderful. Maybe they offer a grandparent/grandchild summer camp? Emma, how soon can we kick Momma and Da out for a date night? We are so good at that! Love you, Mom/Gramma


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