Sunday, December 14, 2014

Almost 2015!

Really, it's almost 2015 already?

This last year and especially this last month have FLOWN by. 

Last month we hit the two year mark for Jared being back in the military, he got a promotion in September (while he was broken and on convalescence leave), we moved (again) in October, we took our first family vacation back in May, we got a surprise visit in January from Amber and Tucker and so much more. 

While I have pictures from the entire year, I'll only bore you with photos from this last month and a half. 

Emma and Bailey 3Nov14 (10)
Walking Bailey

Working on 4-H project
Working on photography 4-H project

Bailey's New Sweatshirt (5)
It gets SO COLD here. We had to make Bailey a sweater. 

agility training for Bailey (25)
Working on agility with Bailey

agility training for Bailey (32)
Super Bailey!

Hugs and giggles with Da (2)
Snuggles with Da

Walking Bailey (7)
More walks with Bailey

First Wire Sculpture (1)
Playing with wire and aluminum foil sculpture

Reading with Bailey (1)
Reading buddy.

Surprise from Da- Forbidden Desert (5)
Da surprised us with a new board game- Forbidden Desert. It's a cooperative game.

Obediance Class 28Nov14 (2)
Obedience for Bailey. This apron from Memere is perfect for dispensing treats.

Rivers Edge Trail Dec14 (7)
Walks down by the river with our friend Skylar

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (1)
Da's promotion ceremony.

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (7)
Restating the officers oath.

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (8)
Da explaining to Emma that it's tradition to tack (punch) the new rank to make sure it sticks. 

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (9)
She punched him so hard I felt it through Jared's back!

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (10)

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (12)
The cake they got for the promotion had a bike on it. 

341 MMSX Holiday Party 2014 (13)
Jared and I at his holiday party. It was a 1920's Prohibition theme and we had a blast. 

341 MMSX Holiday Party 2014 (16)
I made my shrug, head piece AND I did my own makeup. 

341 MMSX Holiday Party 2014 (112)
I love this photo :0)

341 MMSX Holiday Party 2014 (185)
Some of the party decor. 

We are impatient. We opened our Christmas presents yesterday and it was so worth it. Emma has been playing her new piano keyboard every chance she gets. 

If you decided to follow us on Instagram, you'll get to see pictures all month long, not just whenever I remember to write a blog post. 

We hope you all have a fantastic holiday season!