Thursday, September 25, 2014

Healing, Horses, Houses, and Stuff

Just a quick update, mostly photos.

Jared is healing well. He goes in for his six week follow up on Tuesday where they will take x-rays to see how the bones are doing. He started work this week after being out for five weeks. He is still pretty sore, but is finally sleeping in bed now instead of our recliner.

And he is getting ready to purchase his next two bikes. No keeping this mountain biker down!

Photos from August (from most recent to earlier in the month)

Scene of the Crash 31Aug14 (9)
Scene of the Accident

One week later we were hitting the trail (on foot) to see if Jared could figure out what happened. He couldn't. It was a nice hike anyway. 

Giggles are Good and Bad
"Ha ha ha, ouch, ha ha ha, ouch."

We find it hard to eat all fancy (pinkies out) when there is a glass of pee on the counter (it was actually apple juice). It was so good for all of us to laugh! Then we felt bad because it made Da hurt a bit. But we all kept laughing anyway. 

Horse Lessons- Windy Walkers (16)
Horse lesson for Emma and Skylar

The Wednesday after Jared was out of the hospital Emma and I really needed some horse therapy. We convinced Skylar to come along and even got her riding! 

Math Helps Heal

Yes, I am the type of wife that will put her battered and broken husband to work. His job was to help Emma with this number chart. They were working on multiplication. 

Horse Lessons- Windy Walkers (6)
Emma and Breezy 13Aug14

Montana Enduro 9Aug14 (41)
Jared racing in the Montana Enduro series the weekend before his crash. 

Horse Lesson- 6Aug14- Windy Walkers (4)
Mama riding Jordan 6Aug14

Photos from September (not really in order)

Visits from Gramma
School with Gramma

Gramma came out for a visit and it was so good to spend time with her! It also was fun to get to go to the movies (twice!) with Jared. 

LEGO Building
Building LEGO Friend's 

First T-shirt in 5 weeks
"What's this I am wearing?"

First time wearing a t-shirt in five weeks. It felt pretty good!

Horse lesson- Da as photographer (39)
Horse Lesson 17Sep14

Da was feeling up to coming out to the ranch with us so he could watch Emma's lesson. He was in charge of the camera...

Horse lesson- Da as photographer (12)
Oh yeah, I cut all my hair off a while ago. 

Benton Lake Wildlife Refuge (23)
Benton Lake Wildlife Refuge

We took a family field trip to check out some of the local sights. This probably wasn't the best place to visit as there was MILES of construction with gravel roads and then the wildlife refuge is a 9 mile gravel loop. My bad. Thankfully Jared was healed up enough at this point that it wasn't too awful. 

Backyard (16)Backyard (17)Backyard (18)

Our squirrels are seriously crazy. This guy loved attacking the sunflower then eating the seeds upside down. 

Story of the World

What Happened at Mohenjo-Daro? 

Fractions and Distractions
Fractions and Distractions

Emma started her homeschool lessons back up after Jared went back to work (which I should have a picture of). It's been going pretty well so far. Working with her on her school work is so much easier when I don't have my own to struggle with. 

Horse lessons- 24Sep14 (20)
Emma riding bareback. 

After a year of living in our super tiny (530 sq ft) rental house, we have finally gotten to the point where we just need more space. So, we spent a few months trying to decided if we want to move or stick it out here for the last year, but more space just won over all the objections. We signed a lease yesterday and will get the keys on 3Oct. We are so excited! 

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More photos to come! 

Well, that's about all for now. We have more photos up on our flicker site if you want to check that out ( and you can also follow us on Instagram

Hope the summer is treating you all well!