Monday, August 18, 2014

Matching Set


Jared now has a matching set of broken clavicles.

April 2012

Broken right clacvicle
August 2014

On Saturday, Jared had an argument with the trail, and I think the trail came out the victor. While Jared doesn't remember how he wrecked, we do know this- he lost consciousness, broke his right clavicle, punctured his right lung (minor), broke 7 ribs (some in multiple spots), fractured his right scapula and has a laceration that required 10 stitches.

His bike seems to be ok, but we will be having our friend Travis at Knicker Biker check it out to make sure.

Jared regained consciousness on his own and sat up but was dazed.  A mountain biker by the name of Tim Roux (who happened to be a doctor) found Jared sitting on the side of the trail, assessed the situation, helped Jared walk back to the parking lot and drove him to the ER. Jared had barely made it a mile down the trail, so the walk out wasn't super far.

Once they were in the truck and on the way to the ER, Jared called me from Tim's phone. "It's me. I wrecked. Jim is taking me to the ER. I think I broke my clavicle again."

I told him I would meet him at the ER.

I knew. I knew that this was way worse then the last wreck. He sounded out of it. And in a lot of pain.

Emma and I had been literally walking out the door to go rent some camping gear. I shouted to Emma (who was playing around the corner of the house) to let her know we needed to meet Da at the ER. I told her he wrecked and that he thought his clavicle was broken again. Last time that happened we had been visiting Gramma and Boppa for Easter so she probably remembers it as a fun day!

As soon as I got in the car and stopped shaking so much, I called our friend Minerva.

We have amazing friends.

I knew Jared was worse and I also knew that Emma would be better off NOT going to the ER with me. I asked Minerva if Emma could hang out with them till we knew more. She said yes, so I dropped Emma off with her. Emma was excited to hang out with her BFF Megan :0)

Then I had to stop at the house to get the spare car key and drive back to the trail head to get Jared's wallet.

I was at the ER 40 minutes after I got the call. Tim had waited with Jared until I got there. Jared looked o.k. He was wearing a neck brace (as a precaution) and already had an IV in. They were just getting ready to wheel him down to do some CT scans and what not.

As soon as they wheeled him out, I had to sit down or pass out. Tim brought me up-to-date on what he knew. That's when I figure out he was a doctor :0) They knew the clavicle was broken and they suspected broken ribs. The concussion was a given considering he had lost consciousness.

Tim had no idea how Jared had crashed. When he found Jared he was already sitting up. The section of the trail Jared was on was pretty tame- "Parents take their kids hiking on that trail!" is how Jared explained it to someone yesterday.

Tim is an amazing person. He knew Jared would be worried about his bike, so he offered to take it home and keep it in his garage until we could get it, rather than throw it into the back of the truck. He will drop it off at Knicker Biker for us today.

Jared may or may not remember what happened. He remembered a little more Saturday night- like the fact that he woke up with his face in the dirt- but other than that, he only remember heading out on the trail and then waking up on the ground.

He is in a lot of pain, but his spirits are good. From what the doctors have told us, today will probably be his most painful day. He has this magic green button though that makes life bearable- it supplies him with pain meds on demand :0)

He has already been up and moving around more this morning (it's 9am local time on Monday morning) than he has since he was admitted. He will be in the hospital till Wednesday or Thursday. They need to make sure he is moving around and the he is taking deep breaths. With the broken lungs, breathing is painful which makes him take shallow breaths. This can lead to pneumonia, so he has to take super big breaths as often as possible.

Well, I think that's the gist of what's going on. Feel free to comment with questions. I'm sure I forgot to mention something.  

p.s. Please ignore any typos. My brains a bit tired.


  1. Good Lord Steffen!
    X - ray techs ARE cool people but there's easier ways to hang out with them! ;)
    Take it easy, buddy!
    Heal fast

  2. Thinking of you guys Tina! Missing you too! Quick healing for Jared and peace for momma as it's hard to watch someone you love in pain and scary to be reminded of how quickly things can go bad! Hugs to miss Emma too!

  3. Thanks Andrea and Lane! Jared is in great hands here and is healing fast!


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