Monday, March 24, 2014


As the title of this post suggests, we have horses EVERYWHERE in our house. For the most part we have them contained to bookcases. Keeping the horses on the bookcases kept the horses off the floor (and beds, and couch, and counter, etc.), but the lightest bump against the bookcases caused the horses to fall over. No good.

Also, having the horses on the bookcase was a huge waste of space. In the amount of space dedicated to 3 or four horses, we could house 10 or more books. Easy.

But, for the most part, keeping the horses on the bookcases worked.

Until I start running out of space for our books.

Which we have (structured schooling requires a few more resources then winging it). So, I needed a plan.

Actually, there had been a plan brewing in my head for probably about a year, but no real need to put it into action.

Today, however, was that day for action. I couldn't take it anymore so, I took my happy self to Home Depot and purchased some lumber, came home and got to work.

Jared helped :0)

Emma's Horse Corral- 23Mar14 (1)

Emma's Horse Corral- 23Mar14 (13)

Emma had taken pictures for us so we would have some pictures of the middle process and of Jared helping as well (instead of him just taking the photos) but for some reason, they didn't save to the computer. It's a mystery. But Jared did help, I promise!

Emma's Horse Corral- 23Mar14 (25)
Here is how we staged it before letting Emma back into the room. 
She had no idea what we were building. 

Emma's Horse Corral Cleanup 23Mar14
Jared, the funny guy he is, took this picture as proof that I can vacuum. 
I told him if we did more projects I would vacuum more :0)

Emma's Horse Corral- Organizing- 23Mar14 (2)
Emma and her hat full of horses. 

Emma's Horse Corral- Organizing- 23Mar14 (10)
About finished for the night. 

So, we finished this up at about 6:45 pm. It actually only took about 2 hours, start to finish, so not to bad. Originally I wanted to hang this over her bed, but Jared thought she would be able to reach things better if it were lower, so that's what we did. It is still anchored to the wall to provide a nice stable (ha ha) spot for her horses without fear of them falling over. 

The finished size is 4'X4' with about 9" per shelf. That gives her lots of space for her horses, but I am already thinking of making another one. I feel like this will have a lot of wasted space with the Schleich horses, but not enough space for the bigger Breyer horses. Plus, I still think it would be cool to have a smaller version over her bed. 

Once Emma has all her horses on there and arranged to her liking, we will post a more finished photo. But, knowing that she takes after me and can rearrange for days at at time, I wouldn't hold your breath in anticipation for that last photo!

That's it for now. Have a wonderful week!