Monday, February 3, 2014

January 2014

Catchy title, huh? I am saving my creativity for other things. Like school work.

January was surprising, and fun, then not so fun. And cold. But all is better now!

Amber and Tucker and Jared conspired together and surprised Emma and I with a visit. It was awesome. 

We went to Flippin Family Fun. 
(you can actually flip through all the photos from here I think. If not, click on the picture and it will take you to the album)

Amber beat me up.

And cousins had fun together. 

We took over 600 photos from the weekend. We had a blast. 

While I hate the snow because it's cold, I do still think it's beautiful. 
This picture was taken at 11pm with no flash or other light from me. 

From 8am the next morning. 

Emma eating breakfast while doing Pascel's Triangle

Taking a bow after a small performance she and a friend came up with. 

Horse lessons. 


Check out that air!

Just cause I love this picture (and this guy).

Off on a trip around the block,

Then the two of them headed to the park for a longer ride.

And the next day she was sick. 
(We were trying to steam out the cough)

Water, juice, apples with honey and cinnamon, and tea

After about 4 days she was feeling well enough to go outside and play- after I made her work :0)

Not 100%, but well enough to be a goof ball.

Of course there was also work, school and jiu-jitsu.

What did your January look like?