Saturday, January 18, 2014

What Happened to December?

Not sure if anyone was wondering were we have been, but I thought I would bore you with the details... well photos, anyway of our December.

We were busy with...

Tickle Fights

Bird watching

Reading the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes

Working on school work 
(or getting our Jiu-Jitsu group up and running)

Horse Lessons (though there are never enough)

Writing a book (or two)



Getting choked

Making faces

Taking photos
(with the old and new cameras)

Being cute

Riding horses and playing with the new camera

Beating people up

Stealing birthday presents 

Goofing off

spending time together

playing with friends

getting spoiled

trying to get back on track with our eating
(and playing around with the new camera)

Trying out new things


waiting patiently for parents to get up so birthday goodies could be opened

eating birthday pancakes

getting long coveted books

and new earrings

giving early Christmas gifts 
(because Da has a tendency to burn potholders when using the cast iron skillets- we didn't want him to burn the house down while we were gone)

being silly at birthday lunch

watching the birthday movie- Frozen

Going to Iowa

While Da worked and rode

Spending time with family

Playing with long lost toys

Snuggling and playing with our newest cousin/niece

Heading back to Montana
(with lots of new goodies)

Opening more goodies upon returning home

even some from Santa

Opening gifts from Iowa

and catching up on tickles. 

How was your December?