Friday, November 1, 2013

Back in the Saddle- Yippee!

Internal debate sucks. We love Jill and we really want to stick with her as Emma's trainer, but the thought of a winter without horses is agonizing. When I thought about finding a new trainer, I was constantly assaulted with feelings of disloyalty to Jill.

Then I realized that, a winter without horses would be agonizing! So, I put on my big girl pants and stared looking for another trainer. As luck would have it, we found one!

Jared and I took Emma out to meet Sam (the trainer) and Rodney (the lesson horse) this past Saturday. We chatted with Sam for about 30-40 minutes, got to pet Rodney, and made plans for Emma to start lessons the following Wednesday.

Let me just say that it was good we had a friend coming to play on Tuesday, otherwise the wait would have been unbearable.

Finally, FINALLY, Wednesday arrived.

1st Lesson with Sam at CPH (2)
Off for a little lunging.

1st Lesson with Sam at CPH (6)
Time to mount up!

1st Lesson with Sam at CPH (7)
With a little help from Sam

1st Lesson with Sam at CPH (9)
Neck reigning is a new concept for us. 

The video is about a minute, but it's fun to watch her trot and you get to see how stubborn Rodney is.

1st Lesson with Sam at CPH (13)
And a happy cowgirl after her lesson. 

Rodney is a great horse, much bigger than Meggie or Otis, but he doesn't move much faster than either of them. He is, however, just as hard to get going as Meggie is. Emma informed me, though, that Rodney's trot is almost worth all the work she has to put into him to get that trot. Way smoother than a pony trot.

Emma was super happy to be around horses again (me too!), and we are both looking forward to working with Sam this winter. As Sam is pretty competative, she is pretty busy over the spring and summer months traveling for competitions, so we will see what happens come spring. 

Till then, we are early anticipating our weekly lessons!  

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  1. This sounds like it will be another great fit for Emma! Yipee!! Love, G/M


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