Monday, October 7, 2013

We're Renting a House!

Finally, we found a house to rent!

Of course the timing could have been better, what with cramming in horse lessons, going on vacation, classes, and Jared working. But hey, it was pretty much the house we were looking for, in the price we wanted to pay.

1 bedroom, 1 bath, with a shed and a yard. We have about 530 square feet (closer to 600 if you count the shed), so we lost almost 300 square feet (if you don't count the shed).

But we have a yard! And we have permission to plant a garden!

I found the place at the end of August, we signed the lease over the holiday weekend. We offered to clean and paint the house instead of paying a security deposit, and so we got to work.

The carpets were NASTY. Jared went over the living room carpet 4 separate times and the water still came out black. We called the landlady and asked if there was any way we could get new carpets. Jared and I were willing to pay for it and have her charge us less rent till they were paid off, that's how nasty the carpets were. She decided to just replace the carpets, but we got to pick what we wanted. Cool.

So, we got some cleaning done, moved some stuff into our shed (because the carpets wouldn't get installed until we were out of town), and did what we could to get ready for our move.

Photos from before we headed to Iowa
The Rental house
Living Room- The old ugly carpet and not-yet-painted walls. 
Emma was drawing plants and bugs out the window.

1117 3rd Ave S (4)
The Bedroom

1117 3rd Ave S (5)
The bedroom looking at the bathroom (on the left) and the laundry room (on the right).

The Rental House(7)
The Kitchen

Photos from when we got back.
3rd Ave S. Sep 27th 2013 (1)
Jared finished vacuuming the new carpets (and don't the walls look pretty?).

3rd Ave S. Sep 27th 2013 (2)
Emma getting her stuff put away. Sort of. 

3rd Ave S. Sep 27th 2013 (7)
We broke the bedroom up into two areas. This is the sleeping area.

3rd Ave S. Sep 27th 2013 (3)
This will be the hallway/crafting area.

We had a moving party on the 28th. A few friends showed up to help us move all the big stuff, as well as a bunch of the small stuff. Not sure what we would have done without them. 

And that is about where we are. The inside of the house still looks like a bomb went off, though we are making progress on a daily basis. 

The outside, however, is all sorts of awesome. 

Settling In  (1)
Emma- "Can I ride my bike?"
Mama (who was going to get out of cooking supper for once)- "Jared, would you like to go ride bikes with Emma or make supper?"
Jared- "Let's go kiddo!"

Settling In  (2)

And after supper,

Settling In  (4)
Putting over-ripe nectarine out for the birdies. 

We still have a ways to go before we are all settled in, but we love it here. We haven't noticed any smokers nearby, the neighbors next door are a sweet older couple (who gave us a crate of apples from their apple trees), and we are closer to the library (and bike shop). 

Once the house is a little more organized, I will update with more pictures. 

We hope you all are having a more relaxing transition to Fall then we are!

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  1. Congratulations on the house! Can't wait to see pics after you get settled. Even though it is smaller, I'm sure having your own yard and not having neighbors on the other side of the wall and above and below you will be worth it.


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