Monday, October 7, 2013

September Horse Lessons

With the weather getting colder, no indoor arena and some mishaps at the barn (not involving us), there are no more horse lessons for Emma this year. As of our last lesson with Jill, she wasn't sure if she was going to offer lessons next year either. So, so sad.

In order to get all of our prepaid lessons in before the end of the riding season, Emma and I were at the barn twice a week.

Well, let's hope this wasn't Emma's last month of lessons with Jill!

September 5th
Horse Lessons 5Sep13 (3)
Jill helping Emma work on her posture.

Oh, did I mention that on top of being out at the barn 2 days a week, we are also doing 2 hours of lessons?

Horse Lessons 5Sep13 (11)
2nd hour of lessons- everyone got cooled off!

September 9th

Horse Lessons 9Sep13 (1)
I love this picture :0)

Horse Lessons 9Sep13 (8)
Emma on Otis.

Horse Lessons 9Sep13 (12)
2nd hour- learning about horse feed. 

September 11th
Horse Lessons 11Sep13 (7)
Working with Peaches. 

I know that she also rode this day, but I was too lazy to get the camera until she was working with Peaches. 

September 13th- Last lesson of 2013?
Horse Lessons 13Sep13 (3)
Emma loves lunging Peaches. Peaches is such a gentle horse on the lead line, doesn't pull and responds instantly to what you ask of her. 

Horse Lessons 13Sep13 (4)
Peaches would have been the perfect horse to grow into for Emma, but it was not meant to be. Peaches found a new home a few weeks ago. 

For now, we are not sure what the plan is as far as continuing horse lessons. I think we'll give it the rest of this month, then start figuring it out. A winter without lessons might be too much to handle. We'll see. 

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