Monday, October 28, 2013

Let's Chat About Weather

Snow sucks.

Well, actually, it is really pretty. But it's cold, melt-y, hard to walk in, and hard to drive it.

So it sucks.

Unless you are 7 (almost 8!). Then it's pretty cool.

The coolest part for me? I can actually stay inside now and let her play outside till she's ready to come in!

8 o'clock at night 27Oct13
8:00 pm 27Oct13

8 o'clock in the morning 28Oct13
8:00 am 28Oct13

First Snow Day 28Oct13 (1)
10:00 am
Dressed and fully ready all on her own. 

First Snow Day 28Oct13 (3)

First Snow Day 28Oct13 (4)

First Snow Day 28Oct13 (5)

First Snow Day 28Oct13 (7)
Enough snow time.

First Snow Day 28Oct13 (9)
Now it's hot cocoa and t.v. time. 

First Snow Day 28Oct13 (10)
1:30 pm 28Oct13
Where'd the snow angel go?

And it's still snowing...

First Snow day 2 (3)
This was at 4pm

First Snow day 2 (1)
Jared's tracks from lunchtime (around noon) are GONE!


  1. Snow totally sucks. I'm with you there. So fun that Emma loves it tho! I'm excited for our first snow, but after Christmas, no thanks. :)

  2. Snow is great when it is just on my email! I did love it as a kid though. Snow angels, Fox and Geese, sledding, ice skating, walking. Not shoveling it though. It is often beautiful, just too bad it can be so cold and touchy driving. Emma, enjoy it for me! Yesterday was a no jacket day. I never went out today so don't know about it. G/M


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