Monday, October 7, 2013

A Busy Month

Wow, it's been over a month since I have posted. For very good reason. September was CRAZY busy.

First off, Jill will not be offering horse lessons over the winter (no indoor arena), and isn't sure about next season as well (not sure if she wants to continue offering lessons period). BUMMER! So, we needed to get as many lessons in as possible. That means for the first 2 weeks in September, Emma had 4 lessons. We loved being at the barn 2x a week, but it kept us busy.

Next up was our trip to Iowa. The main reason for this trip was so that I could go to BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman), but it was wonderful to be able to see family as well. We got to meet our niece, Olivia Rose, and attend her baptism. Emma got to hang out with Gramma while I was learning how to be the female version of Davey Crockett, and Jared was visiting friends in North Carolina. Anyway, we all had a great time at our separate "vacations," and we all had a lot to chat about when we got back together.

And for those of you who don't know, Jared is a mountain bike addict. Anytime we travel, we typically choose to drive just so we can check out cool single track (the technical term for mountain bike trails that are one bike wide) along the way.

Driving to IA Sep13 (1)
Getting ready to ride in Rapid City, SD. 

Goofy child with Lamb's Ear ears. 

Driving to IA Sep13 (3)
Jared bikes, we hike.

Driving to IA Sep13 (5)
Know what that is? 

Driving to IA Sep13 (6)
Proof that I was there!

Driving to IA Sep13 (9)
So much beauty in the world, if only we take the time to look. 

After that, we were in Iowa. Jared rode some of the trails he loved while we lived in Iowa while Emma and I got to visit some awesome friends. No photos though, apparently my photo snapping finger was broken.

Then in was time for Jared to fly to NC, and for me to head down to the BOW workshop. The workshop is 3 days (2 nights) of outdoor related classes and activities, meals and sleeping accommodations included. On Friday, I took Intro to Firearms. On Saturday I took basic shooting and River Fishing. On Sunday I took Basic Motor Boating. There were also camp fires, rehabilitated wild owl releases, and other stuff I am sure I forgot about. I. HAD. A. BLAST. I had so much fun I can't wait to go again next year. In fact, Jared, Emma and I are looking at attending a Becoming an Outdoors Family workshop in Minnesota in June of 2014. So excited. 

Anyway, here are a few photos from my vacation. 

BOW Sep13 5k 39m40s
Friday evening I participated in BOW's 16th annual Run Through The Woods 5k. It was fun. I finished in 39m 40s. No, I didn't train for the run. Yes I ran in my invisible shoes, yes I had my backpack on, and yes I'm nuts. But I had a great time. 

BOW Sep13 Shotgun Target Practice (16)
Shot Guns are SO MUCH FUN! I even managed to hit a few clay pigeons. 

BOW Sep13 River Fishing (4)
Fishing makes me sleepy. 

BOW Sep13 River Fishing (2)
I caught a few fish. They were all little. 

BOW Sep13 Saturday Evening (7)
This was an owl that was being rehabilitated by S.O.A.R, an awesome organization in Iowa. As this was BOW's 20th anniversary in Iowa, the release of the owl was a special event. 

And then my camera died. No more pictures from our vacation. We did stop on our way home for a bike and hike near Medora, ND. There was poison ivy everywhere! Thankfully no one came in contact with any of it. 

Then it was home, and time to relax. 

Oh wait, did I mention that we moved?

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  1. Love the lambs ears ears! I need to learn how to print pictures from posts.


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