Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Horse Lessons

I love watching Emma ride. I also think it's pretty darn cute to watch her carry all the tack around. It's making her muscles really strong (which means she can help carry groceries up the three flights of stairs!).

Anyway, her lessons this month have seemed to go slow, but only because she is learning some technical stuff.

9Aug13- Group lesson

Horse Lessons 9Aug13 (2)
Emma is now in charge of getting her hair ready for lessons. 

Horse Lessons 9Aug13 (4)
Meggie doesn't like to stop for Emma. So stopping is practiced a lot and Emma has to keep Meggie stopped for 10 seconds before having her go again. 

Horse Lessons 9Aug13 (5)
One of the other riders on Peaches. Peaches can be a handful, but Adi has been riding with Jill for over a year and can handle Peaches well. 

Horse Lessons 9Aug13 (7)
Collecting bean bags encourages horse handling skills.

Horse Lessons 9Aug13 (8)
Another rider on Jazz. Jazz is a super sweet horse, great for someone first learning how to ride. 

Horse Lessons 9Aug13 (11)
Meggie is always trying to grab a bite to eat on the go. Can you see the weed sticking out of her mouth?

Horse Lessons 9Aug13 (12)
Three of the four girls riding around the round pen with Jill giving instructions in the middle. 

12Aug13- Private Lessons

This lesson was all about posting (or dolphin diving as Emma use to call it). Posting helps the rider get in rhythm with the horse, but apparently it also helps in other ways. While riding, it's important for the rider to be in sync with the horse, and the direction the horse and rider are going,  determines when the rider should be "up" in the posting. While Emma and Meggie didn't get super technical with it, Emma is starting to learn the rhythm that will be necessary to change her body position so she is more in sync with Meggie. 

Horse Lessons 12Aug13 (2)
Getting Meggie tied up for brushing and tacking. 

Horse Lessons 12Aug13 (3)
She looks super cute with a kerchief. And it helps keep her cool. 

Horse Lessons 12Aug13 (6)
Learning to pick hooves. 

Horse Lessons 12Aug13 (1)
Putting tack away. 

I didn't take pictures of her riding, but I did take video. Unfortunately, it's too long to post here. 

16Aug13- Group Lesson- No photos!

19Aug13- Private lesson.

Whenever possible, Emma and I like to get out to the barn early to help out if we can. Typically, this is what we end up doing.

Horse Lessons 19Aug13 (2)
She shovels/scrapes the poo into piles, I shovel it into the wheelbarrow.  Oddly enough, we both really enjoy doing this task. 

Then we do this

Horse Lessons 19Aug13 (3)

And finally this. 

Horse Lessons 19Aug13 (10)

This was another lesson on posting. In this next picture, you can see that she is "standing" in her stirups. This is the reverse monkey, or the post position. 

Horse Lessons 19Aug13 (18)

Horse Lessons 19Aug13 (24)
Check out those muscles!

21Aug13- Group lessons, and again, no photos.

30Aug13 Private and Group lesson.

So, in the beginning of August, I paid for another 12 lesson package for Emma. Only we realized after the first lesson, that Jill wasn't going to be able to do lesson over the winter because the indoor arena wasn't able to get done. Lessons would end for the season at the end of September.

Not so big a deal, until we realized that we (Jared, Emma and I) would only be in MT for the first 2 weeks of September.

That left us with about 3 weeks to squeeze in 12 lessons. How do we plan to manage it?

Horse Lessons- Mama- 30Aug13 (1)
I get to take a few lessons!

Because Emma had group lessons on this Friday, the three of us (Jill, Emma and myself) thought that it might be good for me to have a lesson. Emma was the photographer. 

Horse Lessons- Mama- 30Aug13 (21)
Mama longing Hunter. 

Horse Lessons- Mama- 30Aug13 (17)
Getting Hunter to change direction.

Horse Lessons- Mama- 30Aug13 (25)
Self portrait. 

Horse Lessons- Mama- 30Aug13 (40)
Mama's attempt at a post. Emma makes it look so easy!
(Let me tell you, posting is a lot of work)

After a quick break, it was Emma's turn. 

Horse Lessons- Group- 30Aug13 (3)

The girls had fun in this lesson. They had to do a relay "race." It was fun to watch. 

Well, that's it for August. The next two weeks are pretty crazy with three days of horse lessons, 2 hours a day. Good thing Emma is so crazy about horses!