Friday, August 23, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I got my big BMX Debut on Tuesday. Jared got his on Thursday.

Wow it was a fun night.

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (2)
Jared getting geared up

When Jared does something, he does it right. Unlike me with my mountain bike and helmet, Jared has all the cool gear. A new BMX bike, leg guards and a BMX helmet. 

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (5)
Practice lap

Of course, he's also way faster than I am. And we all know higher speeds mean bigger crashes. 

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (6)
Look closely at his back tire.

Of course, if he just floats around the track, that's a different story. 

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (8)
Another practice lap. 

Don't worry, I got to ride too. 

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (15)
My practice lap

Jared got lots of good advice from Travis, the owner of the local bike shop, Knickerbiker

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (17)
Paying careful attention to words of experience. 

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (19)
Jared and Travis lined up for a practice lap.

If you are wondering what we do with Emma during our time at the track, she has become the designated photographer. *She didn't take all the photos, but as she gets more comfortable and aware of whats going on around her, she probably will take all the photos. Right now I worry she's going to get run over because she doesn't watch out for the zooming bikes*

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (29)

And now for the actual races!

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (32)
Jared's first race!

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (33)
They are off!

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (34)
About 45 seconds later, this is what Jared looked like. 

For anyone who hasn't done or watched BMX, Jared likes to describe it as an 1100 foot sprint. On a bike. It may take less than a minute to finish the race, but it's a minute of non-stop focused energy. If your not peddling, your pumping your bike (pushing it down the hills to increase speed, or pulling up while going up so as not to loose speed). It's a lot of work. 

Wonder what Emma does when she isn't taking photos? 

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (37)

Picks the "berries" off the trees and feeds them to the ants. 

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (38)
Emma jumping to reach the "berries" in the trees.
This awesome photo was captured by Jared. 

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (45)
Jared waiting for his second race

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (46)
Again, wheels off the ground

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (48)
Emma watching ants eating the "berries" she picked for them.

And here is Jared's last lap, on video.

Go Jared! 
Emma took this video (in case you couldn't tell by the commentary)

The coolest part about the entire night was that is was fun. Awesome fun. We are meeting some really great people, getting outside, and getting some exercise. 

Of course, this doesn't hurt either :0)

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (1)
1st Place!
A trophy for his first win at the track (well, EVER for riding BMX).

Oh, and when we got home, he had chicken for dinner...


  1. What a fine night for the whole family. My fave pics are tied between Emma jumping up and Jared with big smile at end of race. The commentary part was cool too. I think Emma will become a great family history keeper. ENJOY! M/G


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