Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hiking in the Highwoods

The best laid plans. What can I say about them besides they are a waste of time around here.

I had been planning a camping trip for the three of us for this weekend. The plan was to head out Saturday morning for the campground/woods. I was going to pick everything up on Friday (we don't have camping gear so we planned to rent from base) and have it all packed and squared away.

Except outdoor rec was closed on Friday. And no one else really seemed excited about it. How could I tell? Whenever I mentioned camping or asked for input on what we should bring, I didn't get very much feedback. Oh, and the fact that Emma groaned (or complained) every time I mentioned camping didn't help either.

So, on Friday I said forget it. Grr.

Turns out it wasn't the worst decision. I ended up getting a lot of cooking done, Jared managed to get his dress blues tailored, and we finished the latest season of Burn Notice on Netflix.

When I canceled the trip, I told Jared and Emma that I still wanted to go out to see what the campground was like. No problem for Jared, there are bike trails out there for him to check out.

Emma wasn't excited about it until I mentioned the little creek that runs through the campground (and that we could play in it).

So, here is our day in the Highwoods in photos.

Highwood Mountains (5)
Trees, and mountains and rocks, oh my. 

Highwood Mountains (8)
Our campsite 
(we paid for the day, a whooping $5, just so we had somewhere to hang out and eat lunch)

Highwood Mountains (9)
Looks whats in our "backyard!"

Highwood Mountains (11)
Hiking first though. 

Highwood Mountains (12)

Highwood Mountains (16)
The path we followed

Highwood Mountains (19)

Highwood Mountains (20)
View from the bridge

Highwood Mountains (24)
So beautiful. And the scenery isn't to shabby either!

Highwood Mountains (26)
Proof that I was there.

Highwood Mountains (29)
Emma spotted this bird, and in a whisper "shouted," "MAMA take a picture!"

Highwood Mountains (30)
Hiking's done, now for the fun part!

Highwood Mountains (33)

Highwood Mountains (36)
Hiking for an hour through soft sand makes for hot and dirty feet. 

Highwood Mountains (37)
So. Much. Better.

Highwood Mountains (39)
Terrified of bees but has no problem pulling up the slimy moss on the rocks. 

Highwood Mountains (40)

Highwood Mountains (43)
Emma was telling me that when we eventually have our own property she hopes it has a creek like this so that we can have mud fights. 

After playing in the water for a while (30 minutes to an hour, I couldn't tell you exactly as we lost track of time), we headed over to the trail head where Jared was riding to go for another hike. 

Highwood Mountains (54)
First thing we saw on the second trail. Way cool. 

Highwood Mountains (56)
See! I was here too :0)

Highwood Mountains (58)
Stopping for water at...

Highwood Mountains (59)
Turn Around Tree
(that's what I've named it as this was where we turned and headed back to the car)

While I had a blast, Emma was tired and cranky by the time we got back to the car, and once Jared was done, he was frustrated and a wee cranky because the trail directions were backwards and he didn't have enough time to ride where he wanted to ride. 

Oh well, I'm going to just remember the fun I had, forget about the cranky pants, and watch/listen to this beautiful bit of nature I brought home with me. 

p.s. Jared informed me yesterday that my grammar is atrocious. Well, the fact that I use the wrong spelling of a lot of words. I apologize. It will happen in the future as a lot of times I write these posts before going to bed, or I am trying to hurry up and finish them before I forget what the heck I wanted to say in the first place. I will try to do a better in future posts. 


  1. So did Miss E seem on board with future camping trips after she saw THE CREEK? I have a weather eye out for the perfect house to move to around B-town, and on the must list is a creek, definitely. Although lately, especially after Syd earned her wheels this summer, I've really begun to appreciate our location, and I'm almost, possibly, perhaps thinking about major renovations to our current property instead.

    1. Um, maybe? She REALLY hates bees and other stripped stinging insects, and she is a mosquito magnet. We made some bug spray that seems to work pretty well, though she has quickly realized it doesn't repel bees (can't blame a mama for trying).

      As it's already really cold here (high of 45 today, seriously?!), I think our camping has been put on hold until next year, but maybe by then she will be more ready.

      I know I will be!

      It's such a tough decision to move or improve. It's almost nice that we won't be able to truly settle for about 10 years. Gives us plenty of time to find the "perfect" location.


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