Friday, August 16, 2013

Hiking and Biking

This just might be the year that Emma learns to ride her bike. We tried last year, but she just wasn't ready. It stressed her out and she just didn't have the balance. After almost a year of steady horse lessons though, she has the balance thing down. After going around the block every day for a week, we decided to check out a new place to ride.

Emma Rides (2)
Gibson Park

Emma Rides (4)
Going under the bridge, checking out the art. 

Emma Rides (5)
Finally, a picture with the Fishallo.

Emma Rides (6)
Going over the pedestrian bridge. 

Emma Rides (1)
Family photo on the other side of the bridge.

Bike Walk Aug13
More riding around the block.

Jared got home from work one night and asked if we wanted to go hiking with him for a bit, then he would go riding and we could head home if we wanted and he would ride his bike home. He ended up wearing his helmet and carrying around his gear, pushing his bike for our entire hike, and never ended up riding. Oh well, we enjoyed our time together!

Bike Hike (3)
Missouri river

Bike Hike (4)
Mosquito Valley- We didn't run into any mosquitos on the entire hike, until we got here. Where we stumbled into a mosquito convention or something. 

Bike Hike (6)

Bike Hike (1)
Headed back to the car. 

We ended up running along the trail a lot. Emma really enjoys it and so do I. I can see a lot of trail running in our future. 

What fun things have you done outside recently?

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  1. Great write up and photographs!!!! Cute phrase: mesquito convention! Maybe you can tell me how to print off pictures from here. See you in a month and I can hardly wait! Love you all, M/G


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