Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Garden Update

Our garden is thriving!

We finally got around to building some support for the tomatoes, it only took a few weeks and a couple of crazy wind storms to get my butt in gear. Oh well, it's done and it didn't cost a whole lot thanks to the remnant pieces of lumber at Home Depot. The biggest expense was restocking our supply of screws and nails. Oh, and we had to buy new batteries for our cordless drill.

Anyway, here is what we had set up until last week.

Gardens Growing (1)

When Jared was in Texas, one of his rims on his bike broke, and he needed to get new ones. He lugged the old ones all the way from Texas to California, and back home to Montana all so that I could use them for some crafty purpose. 

That's true love. 

Gardens Growing (3)

We reused some twist ties from some organic produce to tie the tomatoes up. This setup worked pretty well for a while, but if the wind kicked up, the rims would fall off. Not so ideal when I want my plants to grow. 

Here is what the beds look like now. 

 Working on the Backyard Garden (10)

The process was pretty simple. Here is our supply list. 

8- 2" x 4" x 4' 
24- 2.5" screws 
Roofing nails (about 30)
Gardening Twine

Working on the Backyard Garden (2)

First we laid the lumber where we figured we wanted it. I laid three vertical pieces for each bed, then one horizontal near the top. I put two screws per vertical piece. 

I had Emma place nails about a foots length (her foot lengthy, so about 7 inches) from each other. Next I hammered in the nails. I chose to put them onto the back side so that if the plant pulls forward, the nails would be less likely to pull out. That's my theory anyway. 

Working on the Backyard Garden (3)

Once the nails were in, I had Emma go through with the twine to make the "lattice" or whatever it would be called. I chose to just make vertical supports for now. 

Working on the Backyard Garden (4)

After the twine was set up, I pulled one bed forward and put two screws into each vertical 2x4 going all the way through the bed. It ended up being really sturdy. 

Repeated with the other support.

Working on the Backyard Garden (5)
(Emma's Photo)

I had to keep the rims, not only because they look awesome, but mostly because my hubby is awesome. We just used twine to attach them to the supports for now. 

Working on the Backyard Garden (9)

And there we have it- a wonderfully frugal apartment parking lot garden bed. The beds are about 2' x 4' x 6". I loosely followed the Square Foot Gardening idea, but we had to make do with what we had, so the beds don't technically qualify. Oh well, I will be eating fresh fruit and veggies this summer and fall, so I don't really care!

While the beds are not easy to move, I was able to drag them around when I was getting the supports set up. I've actually thought about moving them around a bit more because I'm not sure they are getting as much sun as possible right there. However, with only a parking spot to work with, they may have to stay put. 

Red Tomatoes (1)

How does your garden grow?

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  1. Good job gardeners (builders too). Now enjoy. Does the black plastic control weeds and keep heat in? Just curious me. Love, m/g


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