Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Horse Lessons- June

Wow, have a I really not posted any horse lesson updates in almost 2 months!?!

Ok then, here we go.

It was HOT in June, with the exception of maybe one lesson.

June 10th

Horse Lessons 10Jun13 (3)

Horse Lessons 10Jun13 (4)
Lunging Meggie is a lot of work. 
I made her wear my light-weight long sleeve shirt so she didn't fry. 

Horse Lessons 10Jun13 (1)
Look at those PINK cheeks!

June 21st

Horse Lessons 21Jun13 (1)
What better way to spend a 1/2 birthday then riding?

Apparently I've been slacking on the photo taking. I only had 2 from this lesson. 

June 28th- Da had been home for a few days and so was off work and able to go to Emma's lesson. 

Horse Lessons 28Jun13- Da was there (1)
Emma explaining horse safety to Da. I think. Or she could just be petting Meggie. 

Horse Lessons 28Jun13- Da was there (2)
Jared wouldn't let me take his photo, so this is the only proof I have that he was there. 

Horse Lessons 28Jun13- Da was there (6)
Me holding Emma's pony (just a saying) while she gets some water. No, I have no chopped all my hair off again, it's just tucked into my hat to keep my neck cool.

Horse Lessons 28Jun13- Da was there (9)
Hiking up her pants to get her foot into the stir-up

Well, that's all the photos I have from Emma's June horse lessons. Overall, she is doing fantastic. Her knowledge and skills with both her ground work and riding are impressive (to me anyway). She can lug the saddle around like it's nothing, she keeps her cool when Meggie gives her grief (which is every lesson), and she is still loving it. That last one is the most important to all of us. 

I think from now on, I will just do monthly horse lesson updates. It may be a bit easier that way. 

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  1. Another set of good pictures that I wish I knew how to print. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and go to Johnson's with my computer to find out "how"! Emma, I am so proud of you with all your horse skills and effort. Impressive.
    Jared, sorry that you have hand veins like mine if that means you will end up with arthritis in them. Good news about large veins is that it makes it easy for nurses to draw blood. Love to you all,M/G


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