Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bikers Invade

Course, that title would be way cooler if I had remembered to actually take a photo of the guys on their bikes.

Anyway, Grampy (my dad) and Boppa (Jared's dad) and Boppa's friend Jim were itching for a long motorcycle ride, so they decided to come visit us. Grampy came all the way from New Hampshire, Boppa and Jim from Iowa.

That's a lot of miles on a motorcycle, but the three guys had fun. We went out to eat with them on Thursday night when they arrived, then Emma and I got to spend all day Friday with them.

We toured the base.

Grampy and Boppa Vist July13 (3)
Watching a video at the base museum. 

Grampy and Boppa Vist July13 (16)
Grampy and Boppa chatting about model airplanes.

Grampy and Boppa Vist July13 (26)
Stopping at the Great Falls visitor center. 

Grampy and Boppa Vist July13 (27)
Checking out one of the falls along the Missouri River.

Horse Lesson 26Jul13 (1)
Grampy and Boppa got to watch Emma's group horse lessons. 

Horse Lesson 26Jul13 (2)
*Hi Gramma!*

After horse lessons, the guys grilled some burgers and hot dogs (we borrowed a neighbors grill), and we had a feast. 

On Saturday, the guys hit the road and headed for Glacier. They stopped by our place for a few minutes once they were back in town, we looked at the gorgeous pictures that had taken, then the guys headed for their hotel. They needed to make it an early night so they could hit the road Sunday morning to head back home. 

It was a quick visit, but we were so glad to be able to spend a bit of time with them. 

You guys are welcome to make the trip back anytime! 

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  1. Great job on write up and pictures. I especially like the ones that have Emma with them!


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