Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Yeah, the weather if finally clearing up!

Tuesday-4Jun13: It was a bit chilly for this walk, so we just went around the block. A great walk to get back into the habit.

Walking 4Jun13 (3)

Walking 4Jun13 (7)

Walking 4Jun13 (10)
Little Birdie on a branch.

We found this little birdie the day before this walk in the grass near the sidewalk. We tucked him under a tree, and so we check on him whenever we are outside. 

Thursday- 6Jun13: Beautiful, warm and sunny, perfect! We had a little excitement at the park, well, we witnessed some. A little boy somehow managed to fall on his face and started gushing blood from his nose. As his dad ran to the car for tissues, I walked over and gave the gramma our baggie full of tissues. And then we got stuck there for a second and I couldn't stop staring at the blood. Emma wasn't fazed by it. Me, I started getting queasy. I dropped the tissues and baggie on the bench (I did put her drink on top so they wouldn't blow away) then I mumbled something as I walked away. We sat for a few minutes near our stuff, then I told Emma we needed to go. Like now. We made it to the edge of the park (and into some shade) before I stopped, sat on my knees and put my head on the ground. I thought I was going to pass out.

What a wuss.

After a few minutes we traveled down the street again where we sat on the sidewalk in the shade. Emma and I told stories to try to drive the image of the blood pumping out of the kids face.

We were half way home before the cold sweats were gone and I was back to "normal." Poor Emma, having to distract her wussy mama so she wouldn't pass out.

Which of course led into a discussion of, "what if's."

"What would you have done if I had passed out at the park..." She had great common sense for all, but I did let her know she'd be safer staying in the car if we were ever in a car accident, rather then getting out.

Anyway... pictures.

Walk 6Jun13 (1)

Walk 6Jun13 (2)
My pampered tootsies. 

Walk 6Jun13 (3)
Emma riding "Streak."

Ice Cream
Emma's reward for helping Mama keep it together.

Saturday 7Jun13- Hot and sunny. Emma's going through a phase where she doesn't want me to take her photo. Although I am pretty sure I took more than one, for some reason, I only had one on the computer. 


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