Saturday, June 22, 2013

To Heal Like a Kid

Emma is a champ.

She did a FANTASTIC job on Tuesday. All day long she was a cool cucumber. We ran to both the base and public library, then went out for lunch (LOVE that there is a local deli that offers gluten free locally sourced organic food), headed home to for a few minutes, then out the door for her appointment.

At the oral surgeons office, we hung out in the waiting room for a while (we purposely got there 40 minutes early). When we checked in, we asked if it would be ok for Emma to listen to music on headphones during the procedure. Not a problem they said.

She calmly read her comic book while we waited. They called us back, and when the nurse asked Emma to sit in the big green chair, she started to cry. She only cried for maybe a minute, "I'm just scared!", then settled herself down.

Once everything got going she was ok. And oh man was she FUNNY! After giving her a liquid relaxer (no clue what it was called-bad mama), then numbing her gums with the gel stuff, and getting some of the laughing gas into her, the Doctor asked Emma what she was listening too.

E- "Taylor Swift."

Dr.- "Oh yeah, what's your favorite song?"

E- "Picture to burn."

Dr.- "Hows that one go?"

E- Trying to think of it, but it's hard when there is a different song playing in your ears.

Mama- "Would you like me to put that one on so you can sing it?"

E- "Yes."

She then proceeds to belt out, in a nice, loud, nasaly voice the opening lines to "Picture to Burn." When the chorus came on, she turned it up a notch.

I thought the Dr. was going to start crying he was laughing so hard. She was just so stinking funny! I could see people peeking in from the hall to see what was going on.

I was kicking myself that I didn't have the camera! Oh well, that will be a memory for me and me alone.

Anyway, the procedure was over in less then 20 minutes. It took longer for all the relaxing/numbing meds to take effect then it did for those two teeth to come out. She didn't feel a thing, I know this because she didn't once flinch when the needle with the Novocaine was poked into her gums- she even hummed along with her music a few times while the teeth were coming out!

But I couldn't watch. So, I held her hand and turn to look out the window. And yes, I got woozy at the end when they had to swap out the gauze that was all bloody. And yes, I did lay down on the floor right next to Emma's chair so I didn't embarrass myself by passing out. I really don't know what my deal is.

Once I was feeling better, and Emma was ready to go, we headed home and watched a movie. Emma was a bit dizzy for an hour or two afterwards, and she got frustrated when she was finally able to eat and dribbled water all down her front cause her mouth was still numb. But, by the time the smoothie was ready, she was less numb and didn't make a mess. She even asked for some poached eggs after.

All in all she is healing wonderfully. She had a small headache Tuesday night, but other than that, she has had no pain. There hasn't been any swelling that either of us has noticed, and there is only a little bruising inside her mouth where the teeth had been.

Here are a few pics.
Post Operation Tooth
About an hour after her procedure. 

Two Less Teeth (4)
About 24 hours later

Two Less Teeth (1)
Close up of 24 hours later.

Well, as of Sunday (less then a week after Operation Tooth) we can already see (and she can feel) a space between her front teeth. Hopefully that means good things!

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  1. What a story. You wrote it so that I could see it and hear it. Way to go both of you! Love, M/G


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