Sunday, June 23, 2013

Something Green

Remember this crate that the T.V. use to sit on?

Rearranging Again (24)

Well, after we did this with the T.V. 

Rearranging Again (7)

The poor crate was out of a job and just wasting space. 

Not anymore, it has a very important job to do.

Our Gardens! (1)

Grow us some food!

I took the crate, cut it in half, and turned it into two raised garden beds that now reside in our parking spot. We got the o.k. from the building manager on Tuesday, and it was agony waiting till the weekend to get it all set up. 

When you walk along the building to the back parking lot, there isn't anything to see...

Our Gardens! (4)

until you turn the corner

Our Gardens! (5)

and see all the green goodness!

Our Gardens! (6)

Our Gardens! (13)
Emma has already enjoyed a few of the strawberries, and one of our tomato plants has some tiny little green tomatoes!

Right now we have 3 different tomato plants, one pepper plant, strawberries, and a bunch of flowers so that Emma can stage little photo shoots with her horses. Those may end up in a bed of there own over the next couple of weeks, I'm thinking a little square planter that she can do whatever she wants with. 

As it is, I already bought to many plants for the space we have (some ginger-mint, chocolate-mint, rosemary, and a few strawberry shoots left). Lucky for me we have one more crate up here that I can turn into double beds. Not as big as the ones already set up, but I will take whatever is free at this point. Soil is expensive. Well, good soil is expensive, so anything I can save on the bed itself, the better. 

Here's hoping everything will still be there and not messed with in the morning!


  1. Awesome job! We have had a few strawberries and little success with tomatoes. Lots of jalapenos and lettuce, though. Oh, and stevia, rosemary and chocolate-mint! :)

    1. Hey Stranger! We are about to head down and try to make a few more beds so I can get my mints and rosemary planted before they die.

      Good to hear from you!

    2. So glad you finally got to have planting boxes. The one you and J built here is in full use and looking good. I need another one! Both of your bushes are alive and the one has begun many offshoots and has berries just beginning. M/G


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