Sunday, June 2, 2013

Can't Move, So Let's Rearrange!

Yes, I know, I just rearranged the apartment less then a month ago. I decided I didn't like it.

And while I would love to move (we even put in an application on a house to rent), I think we might hold off for a bit as we might (big might) have something else in the works.

Anyway, Emma went through and took some before photos.

Rearranging Again (26)
Me trying to figure out where I want things
(that's my business law textbook I'm using as a table) 

With all the rearranging I do, I finally got smart and just drew the fixed items -walls, windows, etc.- onto graph paper -mostly to scale- and now I just print off a copy for each new configuration. Yes, I am a dork. I've been o.k. with that for a long time now. 

Rearranging Again (24)

Rearranging Again (22)
I still haven't taken photos of all the things I am made in the last 2 weeks, but as you can see here, I've been busy!

Rearranging Again (19)
Hallway heading to bedrooms

Rearranging Again (16)
This was from this morning, even though we started last night. The battery died in the camera so it needed to be charged.

Rearranging Again (12)
This is Emma's room. It's a crazy mess due to the fact that I stole some of her furniture. 

While I am sure you are curious to know why I stole some of her furniture, we'll start the tour of the mostly finished living room from the door. 

Rearranging Again (4)
This is where the bikes (Jared's, Emma's and mine) will go. The buggy too if I can fit it. 
We get so much light again with the T.V. out of the way!

Rearranging Again (3)
I have to say, I am geting tired of the long narrow living room. There's only so much a person can do with it. 
(Don't mind the cord, I intend to pick up or make a rug to go over it)

Rearranging Again (2)
My craft area. 

And my favorite part of the entire room (drum roll please)

Rearranging Again
Emma's stolen furniture looks good!

To get technical, I didn't actually steal her furniture, I just swapped it out for some of the stuff we had out here. I knew her bookcases were identical, so I wanted those to go around the T.V. She is one short, but I added a long low bookcase that she and I think will work better for her horses anyway. 

The cube storage under the T.V. will probably be more useful out here as well. In Emma's room, she just piled junk in the cubes and forgot about them. Now we have puzzles, games, cables, and video games in them. 

The glaring thing at the bottom right of the cube storage is actually a framed photo. I plan to leave it there to cover up our router and modem ('cause I would rather look at Emma's cute face then the ugly electronics any day!)

I plan to get a couple of shelves cut to fit the space above the T.V. The lower shelf will have photos, the top shelf will probably be for Jared's model planes.

As always, there is still a ton to do. I really, really need to get back into Emma's room, and our bedroom needs a bit of love, but for now, I am just going to go read with Emma for her bedtime reading, then I intend to sit here in my comfy chair and read about business law.

Yeah. Fun stuff. 

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  1. This sure looks good and very user friendly. I can't seem to rearrange our livingroom at all. Yet you can come up with so many good ideas. Of course, I know it makes W happy to leave it just the way it is. I hope your classes are going well.
    Love, M/G


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