Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Yesterday was a happy day in our neck of the woods :0)

(look WAY down the street, you can see Rosa, that's what we call our car)


The parking lot looks better already

Waiting impatiently for Da to get out of the car so she can get to work on giving him "1,000 hugs." 

Then the camera got put away so we could all get hugs, and lug stuff upstairs. It was a good day. 

We are so glad your home Da!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Because

Fashionista (2)
A budding fashion diva. 

At the Base Library
Reading at the base library
(she read 7 picture books in 45 minutes!)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Something Green

Remember this crate that the T.V. use to sit on?

Rearranging Again (24)

Well, after we did this with the T.V. 

Rearranging Again (7)

The poor crate was out of a job and just wasting space. 

Not anymore, it has a very important job to do.

Our Gardens! (1)

Grow us some food!

I took the crate, cut it in half, and turned it into two raised garden beds that now reside in our parking spot. We got the o.k. from the building manager on Tuesday, and it was agony waiting till the weekend to get it all set up. 

When you walk along the building to the back parking lot, there isn't anything to see...

Our Gardens! (4)

until you turn the corner

Our Gardens! (5)

and see all the green goodness!

Our Gardens! (6)

Our Gardens! (13)
Emma has already enjoyed a few of the strawberries, and one of our tomato plants has some tiny little green tomatoes!

Right now we have 3 different tomato plants, one pepper plant, strawberries, and a bunch of flowers so that Emma can stage little photo shoots with her horses. Those may end up in a bed of there own over the next couple of weeks, I'm thinking a little square planter that she can do whatever she wants with. 

As it is, I already bought to many plants for the space we have (some ginger-mint, chocolate-mint, rosemary, and a few strawberry shoots left). Lucky for me we have one more crate up here that I can turn into double beds. Not as big as the ones already set up, but I will take whatever is free at this point. Soil is expensive. Well, good soil is expensive, so anything I can save on the bed itself, the better. 

Here's hoping everything will still be there and not messed with in the morning!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

To Heal Like a Kid

Emma is a champ.

She did a FANTASTIC job on Tuesday. All day long she was a cool cucumber. We ran to both the base and public library, then went out for lunch (LOVE that there is a local deli that offers gluten free locally sourced organic food), headed home to for a few minutes, then out the door for her appointment.

At the oral surgeons office, we hung out in the waiting room for a while (we purposely got there 40 minutes early). When we checked in, we asked if it would be ok for Emma to listen to music on headphones during the procedure. Not a problem they said.

She calmly read her comic book while we waited. They called us back, and when the nurse asked Emma to sit in the big green chair, she started to cry. She only cried for maybe a minute, "I'm just scared!", then settled herself down.

Once everything got going she was ok. And oh man was she FUNNY! After giving her a liquid relaxer (no clue what it was called-bad mama), then numbing her gums with the gel stuff, and getting some of the laughing gas into her, the Doctor asked Emma what she was listening too.

E- "Taylor Swift."

Dr.- "Oh yeah, what's your favorite song?"

E- "Picture to burn."

Dr.- "Hows that one go?"

E- Trying to think of it, but it's hard when there is a different song playing in your ears.

Mama- "Would you like me to put that one on so you can sing it?"

E- "Yes."

She then proceeds to belt out, in a nice, loud, nasaly voice the opening lines to "Picture to Burn." When the chorus came on, she turned it up a notch.

I thought the Dr. was going to start crying he was laughing so hard. She was just so stinking funny! I could see people peeking in from the hall to see what was going on.

I was kicking myself that I didn't have the camera! Oh well, that will be a memory for me and me alone.

Anyway, the procedure was over in less then 20 minutes. It took longer for all the relaxing/numbing meds to take effect then it did for those two teeth to come out. She didn't feel a thing, I know this because she didn't once flinch when the needle with the Novocaine was poked into her gums- she even hummed along with her music a few times while the teeth were coming out!

But I couldn't watch. So, I held her hand and turn to look out the window. And yes, I got woozy at the end when they had to swap out the gauze that was all bloody. And yes, I did lay down on the floor right next to Emma's chair so I didn't embarrass myself by passing out. I really don't know what my deal is.

Once I was feeling better, and Emma was ready to go, we headed home and watched a movie. Emma was a bit dizzy for an hour or two afterwards, and she got frustrated when she was finally able to eat and dribbled water all down her front cause her mouth was still numb. But, by the time the smoothie was ready, she was less numb and didn't make a mess. She even asked for some poached eggs after.

All in all she is healing wonderfully. She had a small headache Tuesday night, but other than that, she has had no pain. There hasn't been any swelling that either of us has noticed, and there is only a little bruising inside her mouth where the teeth had been.

Here are a few pics.
Post Operation Tooth
About an hour after her procedure. 

Two Less Teeth (4)
About 24 hours later

Two Less Teeth (1)
Close up of 24 hours later.

Well, as of Sunday (less then a week after Operation Tooth) we can already see (and she can feel) a space between her front teeth. Hopefully that means good things!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Operation Tooth

That is the name Emma has officially given to tomorrow's event. Technically it should be Operation Teeth, but hey. Whatever makes her happy.

Right now her teeth look like this.

Prior to Operation Tooth (2)

Notice how her front teeth (which had a gap a month or so ago)
Another Walk to the Park (5)
 are starting to overlap, and that her left top canine tooth is actually behind her bottom teeth?

Prior to Operation Tooth (4)

Yeah, that's not so good. Her mouth is so small, and with all the teeth she still has coming in, we (by 'we,' I mean Jared and I, plus her regular dentist, plus her orthodontist, and oral surgeon)  decided to give her a fighting chance by pulling her baby canines that are still in there. This will give her teeth some time to hopefully straighten out on their own, while also giving her jaw a bit of time to grow and make room for the rest of her adult teeth. 

The poor kid. She's really not looking forward to this. We were able to joke about it tonight, and she told me just a bit ago that joking about it seems to really help. 

So, if anyone knows any good tooth/teeth/dentist jokes that are kid appropriate, I would love to hear them (or you could text them to us all day tomorrow!).

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Yeah, the weather if finally clearing up!

Tuesday-4Jun13: It was a bit chilly for this walk, so we just went around the block. A great walk to get back into the habit.

Walking 4Jun13 (3)

Walking 4Jun13 (7)

Walking 4Jun13 (10)
Little Birdie on a branch.

We found this little birdie the day before this walk in the grass near the sidewalk. We tucked him under a tree, and so we check on him whenever we are outside. 

Thursday- 6Jun13: Beautiful, warm and sunny, perfect! We had a little excitement at the park, well, we witnessed some. A little boy somehow managed to fall on his face and started gushing blood from his nose. As his dad ran to the car for tissues, I walked over and gave the gramma our baggie full of tissues. And then we got stuck there for a second and I couldn't stop staring at the blood. Emma wasn't fazed by it. Me, I started getting queasy. I dropped the tissues and baggie on the bench (I did put her drink on top so they wouldn't blow away) then I mumbled something as I walked away. We sat for a few minutes near our stuff, then I told Emma we needed to go. Like now. We made it to the edge of the park (and into some shade) before I stopped, sat on my knees and put my head on the ground. I thought I was going to pass out.

What a wuss.

After a few minutes we traveled down the street again where we sat on the sidewalk in the shade. Emma and I told stories to try to drive the image of the blood pumping out of the kids face.

We were half way home before the cold sweats were gone and I was back to "normal." Poor Emma, having to distract her wussy mama so she wouldn't pass out.

Which of course led into a discussion of, "what if's."

"What would you have done if I had passed out at the park..." She had great common sense for all, but I did let her know she'd be safer staying in the car if we were ever in a car accident, rather then getting out.

Anyway... pictures.

Walk 6Jun13 (1)

Walk 6Jun13 (2)
My pampered tootsies. 

Walk 6Jun13 (3)
Emma riding "Streak."

Ice Cream
Emma's reward for helping Mama keep it together.

Saturday 7Jun13- Hot and sunny. Emma's going through a phase where she doesn't want me to take her photo. Although I am pretty sure I took more than one, for some reason, I only had one on the computer. 


Photo Update

Just a quick update with mostly photos and a little babbling.

Biggest thing is I started on-line classes June 3rd. I have 2 years till I get my Bachelor's degree in Marketing. The first week went well (they are 8 week classes, so fast paced). The second Monday I found out that the Art class I was taking won't count towards my degree so I switched to Intro to Computers. And I now get to play catch-up once my books get here on Thursday.

Oh well. It seems like it's going to be a pretty fun class. So I am taking Intro to Computers and Business Law.

Enough about me, here are some pictures.

Groundworkds Farm 7Jun13 (1)
Working at Groundworks Farm

Groundworkds Farm 7Jun13 (14)
Pulling weeds and thinning beets

Farmers Market and Produce 8Jun13 (3)
Our reward for weeds well pulled

Farmers Market and Produce 8Jun13 (1)
Lettuce, and radishes and boc choy oh my!

Happy Birthday to ME 9Jun13 (3)
Happy Birthday to ME! 
On our way to McKenzie River Pizza for some gluten free pizza

Happy Birthday to ME 9Jun13 (16)
Emma's new shirt I made for her on my birthday

Happy Birthday to ME 9Jun13 (18)
The back

Happy Birthday to ME 9Jun13 (13)
My new dress I made for me on my birthday

Horse Lessons 10Jun13 (5)
Horse Lessons (more in another post soon)

Alphabetizing Bella Sara Cards
Self-initiated alphabetizing of her Bella Sara cards

Hail (1)
And hail.

Well, that's about it. Hope everyone is doing fantastic!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Can't Move, So Let's Rearrange!

Yes, I know, I just rearranged the apartment less then a month ago. I decided I didn't like it.

And while I would love to move (we even put in an application on a house to rent), I think we might hold off for a bit as we might (big might) have something else in the works.

Anyway, Emma went through and took some before photos.

Rearranging Again (26)
Me trying to figure out where I want things
(that's my business law textbook I'm using as a table) 

With all the rearranging I do, I finally got smart and just drew the fixed items -walls, windows, etc.- onto graph paper -mostly to scale- and now I just print off a copy for each new configuration. Yes, I am a dork. I've been o.k. with that for a long time now. 

Rearranging Again (24)

Rearranging Again (22)
I still haven't taken photos of all the things I am made in the last 2 weeks, but as you can see here, I've been busy!

Rearranging Again (19)
Hallway heading to bedrooms

Rearranging Again (16)
This was from this morning, even though we started last night. The battery died in the camera so it needed to be charged.

Rearranging Again (12)
This is Emma's room. It's a crazy mess due to the fact that I stole some of her furniture. 

While I am sure you are curious to know why I stole some of her furniture, we'll start the tour of the mostly finished living room from the door. 

Rearranging Again (4)
This is where the bikes (Jared's, Emma's and mine) will go. The buggy too if I can fit it. 
We get so much light again with the T.V. out of the way!

Rearranging Again (3)
I have to say, I am geting tired of the long narrow living room. There's only so much a person can do with it. 
(Don't mind the cord, I intend to pick up or make a rug to go over it)

Rearranging Again (2)
My craft area. 

And my favorite part of the entire room (drum roll please)

Rearranging Again
Emma's stolen furniture looks good!

To get technical, I didn't actually steal her furniture, I just swapped it out for some of the stuff we had out here. I knew her bookcases were identical, so I wanted those to go around the T.V. She is one short, but I added a long low bookcase that she and I think will work better for her horses anyway. 

The cube storage under the T.V. will probably be more useful out here as well. In Emma's room, she just piled junk in the cubes and forgot about them. Now we have puzzles, games, cables, and video games in them. 

The glaring thing at the bottom right of the cube storage is actually a framed photo. I plan to leave it there to cover up our router and modem ('cause I would rather look at Emma's cute face then the ugly electronics any day!)

I plan to get a couple of shelves cut to fit the space above the T.V. The lower shelf will have photos, the top shelf will probably be for Jared's model planes.

As always, there is still a ton to do. I really, really need to get back into Emma's room, and our bedroom needs a bit of love, but for now, I am just going to go read with Emma for her bedtime reading, then I intend to sit here in my comfy chair and read about business law.

Yeah. Fun stuff. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Downtown Wanderings- 1st Farmers Market

This week has been busy! Rather than take a down day today, we decided to hop on the bus and head downtown for some wandering and to check out the farmers market.

We took over 40 photos. If you would like to see all of them, you can find them here. These are my favorites.

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (46)
Waiting for the bus

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (44)
Standing for the ride

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (43)
Feather found (and Mama in the reflection)

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (42)
The Farmers Market

We walked around the farmers market for an hour. I was so busy ogling all the goodies, I only took 2 photos. 

As we headed out of the farmers market, we met up with some friends and chatted for a bit. We missed the bus by minutes and the next one wasn't for an hour. 

To lunch then!

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (39)
Parkour tracueuse? 

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (37)
Waiting under some street art.

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (36)
What to order on our first trip to Daisy's Deli?

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (30)
Lemonade with organic strawberries? Check

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (26)
Almond butter and honey on gluten free bread with carrots and celery? Check

Um, I was so hungry that I devoured mine without even a thought of taking a photo. I got the coconut chicken salad. It was yummy. 

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (23)
Seriously, I might look more into Parkour. It's right up her alley. 

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (5)
Writing with a stick and some mud while waiting for the bus. 

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (7)
Emma took a bunch of fun pictures while waiting for the bus. They are here

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market (2)
Back on the bus, headed home.

Downtown Adventure 1Jun13 1st Farmers Market
And, home. 

I should only ever be allowed to go to the farmers market by bus and with no cash. There were so many things I wanted to buy, but didn't want to have to haul them home on the bus (though I would have LOVED to pick up some grass fed lamb if I thought it would have made the trip). 

Oh well. Even though we didn't buy anything at the farmers market, it was still a wonderful day out enjoying the beautiful weather. 

What did you do with your first Saturday in June?