Friday, May 31, 2013

Will Work for Food

Today, we worked for food.

Will Work For Food (2)

One of the local farms, Groundworks Farm,  offers a wonderful option to their CSA memebers. Volunteer at the farm in exchange for veggies. 

Really? I can volunteer 70 hours over a 4-5 month time period in exchange for between $500 and $600 dollars worth of veggies? I am so ok with that. Not only do we get to actually grow our own food (as well as food for lots of other folks) we get to learn the in's and out's of running a farm. We will learn so much from this exchange of time and energy for fresh, healthy, yummy produce. 

Oh, and it's a heck of a work out!

Will Work For Food (3)

Will Work For Food (5)
Not sure what that is, but I can't wait to eat some of it!

Will Work For Food (6)
The hoop house

Will Work For Food (8)
Working hard to loosen the soil

Will Work For Food (12)
Critter Break!

Will Work For Food (13)

Will Work For Food (15)
Can you see what's behind the pallet?

Will Work For Food (17)

Will Work For Food (18)
and her cute little piglets. 

Will Work For Food (20)
Oh, and there were lots of these as well. 

Will Work For Food (21)
Yes, her undies were wet by the time we were done. 

Will Work For Food (24)
"Work" got boring, so she decided to play instead. 

Will Work For Food (25)
We had to take another piggie break. They are just so cute!
(yes Jared, we now want piggies on our forever farm)

Will Work For Food (28)
Emma thought they looked like puppies, especially when they were nursing (cause you couldn't see their snouts).

Will Work For Food (29)
Snack break. I think it was kinda bright and I didn't have my shades on, hence the funky face. 
Or it could just always look like that.
Emma, of course, was just being Emma. 

Will Work For Food
After a change of clothes and a team meeting, we headed for home. While she claims that she didn't actually sleep, she didn't say a word to me for the 30 minute drive home. For her, that would be a record had she actually been awake. 

For our first trip out there, we had fun despite the rain and cold. The folks who own the farm are super nice, and they have two interns that are just as nice. Emma and I are looking forward to heading out there every Friday to help with whatever we can do. 

If I hadn't been so TIRED when I got home, I would have taken photos of the 4 heads of lettuce (all different kinds), 3 bunches of baby boc choy and 1 bunch of baby beets, but I didn't. I was so tired I almost forgot to put them away, but just as I was about to fall asleep for my nap, I remembered. 

We have already started in on the bib lettuce, and it's pretty tasty. Here's what it looked like under our ground pork and beef. 

Bibb Lettuce-Yum

Anyway, you can expect that every so often, we will have updates on our farm adventures. We hope you enjoy them as much as we are sure too!

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  1. I have a feeling this is going to be wonderful. Soon you will know sooooooooooooooo many plant names and ways to prepare & eat them. Great. M/G


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