Friday, May 31, 2013


Just a recap of our last couple walks.

23May13- Thursday- 1 block

Walk- 23May13- In the Rain (3)
It was a rainy day

Walk- 23May13- In the Rain (5)
Standing under the overflowing gutter

Walk- 23May13- In the Rain (7)
That's me there in the corner of the photo!

Walk- 23May13- In the Rain
It had stopped raining while we were walking

24May13- Friday- 1 block

Walk 24May13- Cool and breezy (2)
Getting ready to run and jump

Walk 24May13- Cool and breezy (5)
Cantering (also known as loping) 

vWalk 24May13- Cool and breezy (8)
Exploring the tree

Walk 24May13- Cool and breezy (9)
Interesting to discover how they grow longer

Walk 24May13- Cool and breezy (11)
Pretty clouds

Walk 24May13- Cool and breezy (15)
Doing dressage (fancy horse walking according to Emma)

Walk 24May13- Cool and breezy (18)
Explaining "Trumpet of the Swan" to me.

26May13- Sunday. Had I known this was going to be our last nice day for a while, we might have walked farther. Although I suppose yucky weather and indoor crafting go well together. 

Walk 5-26-13 (3)
Emma and Saige showing off their new elk hide hats. Handmade of course by Emma and Mama. Emma is also sporting her new skirt, a la Mama. 

Walk 5-26-13 (7)
My skirt to match. Sort of. 

Walk 5-26-13 (8)
I love this photo for so many reasons. The biggest one is you can tell she's twirling her backpack straps :0)

Walk 5-26-13 (10)
Running back to me after having run to the corner.

Walk 5-26-13 (12)
You can almost see our matching elk hide rings. 

Walk 5-26-13 (13)
And our matching tootsies and skirts. 

Wow, that was all we walked this last week. I suppose three days is better than no days. It's been raining and cold for the last 4 days straight, and off and on raining for the last week. I'll blame our lack of walking on the weather. 

Oh, and our sudden need to making stuff, mostly clothes. Hopefully I'll get something posted about that soon, but no promises. I start on-line classes on Monday...

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  1. I think the hats and skirts are great. Emma has the ability to wear, be comfortable in, and look good in any style of hat or cap. Lucky girl. The weather is coldish here too. At least it did not pour for Kelsey and Tyler's wedding. Love you, M/G


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