Sunday, May 19, 2013


5-15-13 (Wednesday)
Walking 5-15-13 (2)
Contemplating the trees

Walking 5-15-13 (5)
Wild life

Walking 5-15-13 (8)

Walking 5-15-13 (10)
A treasure

Walking 5-15-13
More wild life

5-16-13 (Thursday)

Walk 5-16-13 (5)
A dog Emma has named Murphy. Any guesses on why?

Walk 5-16-13
Neighborhood softball practice in the background. 

5-17-13 (Friday)

Walking 5-17-13 (2)
Chilly and sprinkling 

Walking 5-17-13 (3)
This is why

5-18-13 (Saturday)
This walk had a purpose, sort of. I wanted junk food, Emma wanted a foal. So, we walked to Big R, which is .7 miles. 

Junk Walk- To Big R (2)
On our way there, we walked along 10th, which is pretty busy. 

Junk Walk- To Big R
Emma trying oh so hard to decide which horse she wanted. 

Junk Walk- Skittles (2)
Emma got skittles, and named her new foal Skittles. 

Junk Walk- Meandering Home (7)
We meandered through the neighborhoods on our way home. 

Junk Walk- Meandering Home (9)

Junk Walk- Meandering Home (16)
Stopped to photograph the wild life.

Junk Walk- Meandering Home (25)
Yes, I had a snickers and a dew.

Junk Walk- Meandering Home (41)
Acquiring lilacs from the overhanging bush in the ally.

I decided to check to see if it's legal to do this. The answer is pretty hard to find and depends on each state. For now, we'll quick picking them, but it's gonna be tough. They smell so awesome!

5-19-13 (Sunday)
I should never have made that walk yesterday, because now I know how easy it is to feed that junk food addiction. Despite the rain, the fact that I was tired, and that I know better, off we went.

Well, maybe it was because of the rain (Emma really wanted to jump in puddles) and that I was tired that we went.

Of course, I'm tired because 20oz of Mountain Dew at 5pm will tend to keep me up all night.

Oh well, enough blah blah blahing.

Walk- 5-19-13 In the Rain (2)
We discovered this umbrella in the back of our closet.

Walk- 5-19-13 In the Rain (3)

Walk- 5-19-13 In the Rain (4)

Walk- 5-19-13 In the Rain (5)

Walk- 5-19-13 In the Rain
Her pants are SOAKED, and she's cold, but she had a good time.

Whats your favorite time and place to walk?

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