Thursday, May 23, 2013

Walking the Trails

On Tuesday, Emma and I had a lot of running around to do, but I really just wanted to go hiking.

We got things done early enough, that a hiking we a went!

With all the rain that we got over the weekend, I was a little worried about the trails being wet*, so I decided we would just walk along the paved path.

*As a biker, Jared is always reminding us that using wet trails degrades them. So, we stay off wet trails*

Emma wasn't very happy about walking the paved path (she's an off trail kinda girl), "It will be so boring!" I pretty much just ignored her grumps and away we went.

On a side note, I recently read this post about how moms need to be in more of their kids pictures, so we made an effort to capture me as well as Emma.

Walking the Trails (2)
Grumpy Emma

I was sneaky about getting her more excited about our walk. I suggested she run up ahead with the camera and set it up so we could use the timer to take photos of us walking. 

Walking the Trails (4)
Not the best photo, but it was our first attempt with the timer. 

Walking the Trails (5)

Walking the Trails (6)
Um, not so good. 

Walking the Trails (11)
Emma's making funny faces

Walking the Trails (12)

Walking the Trails (14)
Here I am!

Walking the Trails (15)
Her hat kept blowing off.

Walking the Trails (17)
We didn't have any hair elastics

Walking the Trails
Sometimes even my invisible shoes are too much. My toes just want to touch the ground!

Emma took her shoes of for a little while as well, but her feet got to hot. Tender foot. 

Well, that was our walk! It didn't last very long, but we had (well, I had) a good time. 

What have you been doing to get outside?

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  1. It is cold and windy here, so we pretty much stay inside. I sneak out and pull a few weeds or check my flowers. But the flowers aren't looking so good between the wind and the cold temps. I guess we have it this way for a week or more. THEN I will get outdoors. Spring?????????? Love, M/G


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