Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The "New" Place

So, thanks for coming back! Less talk today and more photos.

You may have noticed that the desk is missing it's little buddy. With it attached, it took up SO much space, that I didn't like it.

No problem, it found a good home.

Desk Redo
Making do

I told Emma we would go buy some legs for it, then I realized that the little cabinet thing was almost the perfect size. A few pieces of thick cardboard, and it's level (yes, I checked it with the actual tool)!

I may give Emma some paints and let her go to town on the desk. I'm not sure yet. 

As for the "new" apartment, here it is!

New Furniture Arrangment (2)
View from the front door

New Furniture Arrangment (3)

The space against the wall is where we will keep Jared's bike for the short periods of time he isn't riding it. The little bookcase behind the chair is one of the ones we bought at the estate sale that I painted. 

New Furniture Arrangment (15)
My work space situated below Emma's art gallery. 

New Furniture Arrangment (16)
The printer and more of my crap stuff. 

I think this space was always destine to be mine. It does after all have a sign saying, "MAMA," spelled out in Starburst wrappers!

New Furniture Arrangment (4)

The T.V. viewing area. All of our games are below the T.V.

New Furniture Arrangment

Jared typically sits on the couch, I usually occupy the chair. I decided to make the couch and this wall "his" area. That doesn't really entail anything, as it's about the only space in the apartment the poor guy can "claim." He puts up with us (and our stuff) so well, and we really appreciate him for it!

And the last thing to show you is the other bookcase that I painted. This bookcase was aquired from Gramma's Back Room (I feel like the place should have it's own title, it's full of so many treasures!). It was an ugly industrial pale green, but we didn't really care. It's sturdy and holds some of our stuff. But, I figured while I was painting the other bookcase, might as well do this one also. 

This bookcase is located below where I want to put up our picture wall. For now, we only have a few photos, but the bookcase is pretty enough to keep me happy for a little while till I can get more frames. 

New Furniture Arrangment (5)
The two green glass pieces and the orange one on the bottom right are from my Memere. 

New Furniture Arrangment (6)

We spent a lot of time sorting beads and other what-not's while Gramma was visiting. It was one of those jobs that needed to be done but I really didn't want to do it. Thanks Gramma for making it happy work instead of drudgery! 

New Furniture Arrangment (10)
One of my favorite photos of Jared from our wedding day. 

New Furniture Arrangment (11)
A family photo from about... 3 years ago?

New Furniture Arrangment (13)
Most of my altered journals. 

Well, that's about it. My next task is to tackle my bedroom. All the crap and clutter that isn't in the living room, is in there! But don't worry, I have a plan...

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