Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Recent Eats and Random Photos

Silly me, I was thinking feeding Emma with Jared gone would be easier.

I was way wrong.

Apparently Jared is the reason I do all the cooking. He actually eats what I cook with no complaints. Having him around gives me a reason to cook, and helps throw the "vote" in my direction.

With just me and Emma, she hardly ever wants to help me plan meals, never wants to eat what I have planned and cooked, and really is just a big pain in the butt every time she tells me she's hungry.

If she had her way, she would eat fruit and um, fruit. Oh, she'd be happy to throw some dark chocolate into the mix as well.

Fruit is healthy, yes, but not when it's all she's eating.

Wow, I am just a big baby right now. Enough complaining, here is what we have eaten the last few days.

We enjoyed the meatballs, (and there are a few hidden away in the freezer), as well as the spaghetti sauce.

We had some yummy egg drop soup one night. With chopsticks even.

Egg Drop Soup with Chopsticks (2)

Egg Drop Soup with Chopsticks (3)

Egg Drop Soup with Chopsticks (4)

Apparently egg drop soup makes her smarter, she decided to work in her work books while eating. 

Egg Drop Soup with Chopsticks

We also rediscovered Emma's love for chicken salad salad. 

Chicken Salad Salad (2)

Chicken Salad Salad

That's pretty much it. Oh, and I have resorted to gluten free cereal and gluten free toast. She keeps asking to go out to eat. So, so tempting to just eat out every meal. 

Anyway, I was wasting time on the computer the other day when Emma came over to take a picture. 

E- "Make one eye more squinty."

Emma's Photo of Mama (2)

E- "Never mind, just pretend I'm not here."

Emma's Photo of Mama

We also played checkers. 


Have you made anything especially yummy lately?


  1. It would be more fun for you to cook if you could find one of those places (choose from their recipes, they have your ingredients all set for you, and you use their place to mix up your food choices) like you went to in Tucson. Or find people with similar food needs and cook big and trade. It is still raining here. The weeds love it and I am frustrated because now the weeds are winning. Plus we have a prime crop of dandelions in front and back. UGH! Love, Mom

    1. Make some dandelion salad! Except that Dad sprays some of the weeds, so never mind.

  2. lately we have asparagus at almost every meal...I even put it on pizza tonite! some like it fine, and others begrudgingly eat it even though they'd rather not, and some pick it off!

  3. Ahh! I love the name! I bough some asparagus the other day and ate it all by myself. Emma was game and tried a bite, but made faces while she chewed and swallowed.


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