Monday, May 27, 2013

Just Venting

Ok, no one really needs to read this, but I really just need to vent a bit.

I really like our apartment. It's a good size for us (even though I still have more stuff I need to get rid of), it's in a decent location, I get good exercise every time I leave and come home (3rd floor!), I feel safe, there is good air flow and lots of light.

That being said, I want to move. Right now.

I am sick of opening my windows to let in some fresh air only to have to endure the 2nd hand smoke that drifts up from the people who smoke right below our windows. All day long it seems.

Also, it really, really irks (insert stronger word here) me that people will actually walk into the building smoking. Seriously. Can they not read the NO SMOKING sign by the front door.

Speaking of the front door, I HATE HATE HATE when smokers are too lazy to carry their keys with them (the front door is locked) and thus prop the door open with a big rock, knowing full well (because I have mentioned it multiple times) that the wind tunnel that is our walk way blows the smoke right into the building making it smell like a casino.

And really, don't offer me and my child a cigarette when we walk by. Seriously, it isn't funny. At all.

If it weren't for that (despite the fact that I really want to grow some veggies), I would be happy to stay here till it's time to change bases.

But really, I feel like the only option is to move.

Sure, I could mention it to the land lord, but what is he going to be able to do? It's not like the smokers are going to stand out in the street and smoke. And if I do say something and it makes the smokers angry, then what? Live with the worry that someone might do something to one of our cars, or harass us while we are coming or going?

And if the smokers were required to smoke closer to the street, how long would that last? A month, maybe two. Once the weather turned cold, they would be right back, huddled against the side of the building.

Wanna know the worst part? I'm worried it's going to be like that no matter what apartment we live in.

But at least now I know to keep that in mind when hunting for the next place to live.

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