Sunday, May 19, 2013

Horse Lessons 5-17-13

With her back still a bit sore, and her mind in la la land, this weeks lesson was a bit slow and laid back.

Horse Lessons 5-17-13 (2)
Meggie brushed and tacked

Horse Lessons 5-17-13 (4)
Emma getting ready to longe* Meggie off a lead line for the first time.

*From Wikipedia "Longeing (US English, classical spelling) or lungeing (UK English, informal USA) is a technique for training horses, where a horse is asked to work at the end of a long line and respond to commands from a handler on the ground who holds the line. It is also a critical component of the sport of equestrian vaulting. Longeing is performed on a large circle with the horse traveling around the outside edge of a real or imaginary ring with the trainer in the middle." 

Horse Lessons 5-17-13 (8)
Meggie loping- Emma had to work REALLY hard to get Meggie to lope!

Horse Lessons 5-17-13 (10)
Trying to get Meggie to take the bit.

You see, Emma would have this down by now if the ever pesky mama hadn't been so helpful in all her past lessons. My bad. 

Horse Lessons 5-17-13 (13)
Working on steering

Horse Lessons 5-17-13 (14)
Jill explaining to Emma the need to hold her muscles firm but not tense. 

Horse Lessons 5-17-13 (22)
Oreo, the new pony in town.

Horse Lessons 5-17-13 (29)
Emma about to give Oreo some love and snuggles. 

Oreo belongs to Jill's niece. Emma was sad to find out that Oreo was not going to be a lesson pony. Oh  how I wish I could get Emma her own pony. 


Some day. 

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  1. Oreo is such a cutie. ENJOY! It is fun for me to learn more about the terms and their meanings. Thanks. Love, M/G


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