Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hard Working Cowgirl

Today was moving day for North Star Horsemanship! (That's who Emma takes her horse lessons through).

I got an e-mail a few weeks ago from Jill (owner and trainer) asking for help with the move because they had purchased their own property. I was super excited for her, she's worked hard for the last couple years, and it will be awesome for her to have a place of her own. I was also excited to use our new truck to help someone else!

(yes, I have seen the bumper sticker, but really, there is so little I can do for other people that I don't mind helping them move)

So about Day 1.

We got to the old location a little after 9:30 and stood around for a bit. I let Jill know I was happy to drive the truck, but that I couldn't lift anything really heavy (back feels way better, but not 100% yet). After a bit more standing around and watching people move hay bales, Emma and I started to load our truck up with a bunch of random stuff (tool boxes, hula hoops, etc.). We followed Jill's mom to the new place, unloaded, then headed back.

A bit more standing around, then it was time to load up the tack.

And this is when it dawned on me that I should be taking pictures with the camera that I had stuck into my pocket (thankfully Jared didn't marry me for my brains).

Moving North Star Horsemenship (14)
Emma carrying out the little saddle she uses for lessons.

Moving North Star Horsemenship (12)
Hay all loaded up (and Jill way back there by another truck).

Moving North Star Horsemenship (10)
Emma making sure her BRAND NEW BOOTS are all broken in. 
And yes, she did track all kinds of mud into the truck. Oh well, that's farm life.

Moving North Star Horsemenship (6)
When there was a lull in the moving, Emma and I would visit with Meggie and Otis. We even brushed them when we first got out there.

Moving North Star Horsemenship (2)
But work we did! Emma was a big help unloading the first load. 

Moving North Star Horsemenship (3)
Isn't she the cutest little cowgirl you've ever seen!
Yes, I am biased, but still, isn't she stinking cute!

Moving North Star Horsemenship (4)
Here she is helping to load the second load. 
Those are the barrels she rides around in her lessons. 

Moving North Star Horsemenship
Tired cowgirl. 

On our way out for the second trip, she said to me, "Mama, is it ok if I rest my eyes for a few minutes?"


Tomorrow, we help to move the horses...

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  1. This was so fun to read and see the gal at work! I will spend tonight trying to figure out how I print out the photos. The post called "Gramma's Visit" only let me see one photo. Don't know why, but one is better than the NOT WORKING AT ALL that our computer has said for the past 3 days. I have not gone to the post office yet as I've been subbing and just too lazy to go afterwards. The students have been great and fun to see again. But when school called today I said no as I am all over achey. Tomorrow will be a much better day. Oh, just recalled that tomorrow is Sara's birthday. How can she soon be 30? You all are catching up to me! Love, M/G


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