Friday, May 3, 2013

Gramma's Visit

Emma and I had such a great time with Gramma while she was here visiting. We didn't really do anything outrageously fun, though Gramma did treat us to the movies (we saw The Croods, awesome!).

We ate out a few times. I mean, we had to take her to our two favorite places, Mackenzie River Pizza Company, and Jakers. We actually ate at Mackenzie's twice. We all shared a gluten free pizza the second time. Yum!

I really didn't do a very good job taking photos, except for the last day. So, here they are.

Gramma's Last Day (2)

We thought about going for a short hike along the Missouri River, but decided it wasn't worth fighting the steady 24+ mph winds with gusts up to 50mph. And it was chilly. And I had just hurt my back. 

We thought about going to the Louis and Clark Interpretive Center, but really, the thought of opening the truck doors again that soon in the crazy wind was more than my back could deal with.  

So, we decided to head over to Michael's, then try out the Golden Corral for lunch. We kinda did a lot of shopping and eating out. 

Oh, well. This is what we saw on our way across town. 

Gramma's Last Day (3)
Mama and Papa Geese with their goslings. 

Gramma's Last Day (4)
Another gaggle of geese.

Gramma's Last Day (5)
Yet one MORE gaggle of geese. This poor family almost got smooshed by a semi. Thankfully the driver slowed and swerved and the geese moved. 

Gramma's Last Day (8)
The first gaggle of geese crossing behind us. 
(we were parked on the side of the road)

Gramma's Last Day (9)
All the geese made it safely while we were watching. 

When we got to the other side of town, we decided to park at the restaurant and walk to Michael's. It's hard to see in the following photos, but the wind was blowing SO hard, Emma was running sideways. It was hilarious to me, which made me laugh, which hurt my back a lot, which made me want to cry, which made me want to laugh so I wouldn't cry. 

It was one of those days. 

Anyway, the photos. 
Gramma's Last Day (10)
Can you guess which side the wind was coming from?

Gramma's Last Day (11)
Does this clear it up for you a bit?

I know, not a lot of photos for a week long visit. Sorry. I did take a bunch on my phone, but I haven't gotten those ones onto my computer yet. Gives you something to look forward too :0)

By the way, my back is feeling much better, thank you for asking. Apparently my special tea of grated ginger and honey worked wonders cause after the first day of drinking it, I could actually take a breath without pain and sleep in more than one position. It's awesome the way natural foods can heal the body. 

That's it for now on our end. I hope everyone is doing well and that "Spring" isn't stomping too hard on you!

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  1. Fun to relive the day. Once again, I need to relearn how to print some pictures. I am obviously not keeping up with technology. Talk soon, G/M


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