Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 Inches Shorter

Emma's 6 inches shorter  (3)
No, we didn't get a pet. 

As I was combing Emma's hair tonight before her bath, I realized her hair was getting more tangles than usual. Once tangles start happening, it means a trim is in order. 

After Emma's bath, I sat her on the bathroom counter and we chatted away while I cut about an inch of hair off. 

I was about 5 minutes from being done (with all that hair it takes a while), when Emma got all excited.

E- "We should cut my hair to here!"

Here happened to be somewhere between her jaw and her shoulder. 

M- "Um, really? You want your hair that short?"

E- "Yes!!!" 

M- "Um, how about I finish cutting at this length, then in a few days if you still want your hair that short, we will cut it again."

Big huge pout and sad puppy dog eyes. 

E- "But I really want you to cut it now."

M- "Emma, I really don't have a problem if you want to cut your hair that short, but I would really rather you think about it. If we cut your hair that short, I don't think we would be able to braid it, and I think it would get in your face during (horse) lessons."

More pouting and sad eyes. 

E- "But I know I want it that lengthy!"

M- "How about a compromise. You want it cut to here, this is how long it is, how about we go half-way?"

E- "OK!"

Emma's 6 inches shorter  (2)

So, this is how much we cut off, after already cutting about an inch off. 

Emma's 6 inches shorter  (5)
Checking it out in the mirror

Emma's 6 inches shorter  (8)
She really likes it so far

Emma's 6 inches shorter  (9)
Her braids are so itty bitty, I can't even pull them to the front!

Emma's 6 inches shorter  (11)

And here are a few photos for comparison. 

Another Walk to the Park (3)
Photo from yesterdays walk

Walking (4)
Photo from a walk last week.

Reading for Fun (2)
Not the best photo of her hair down, but this is from March 2013

And one more from Feb. 

And just so  no one freaks out and thinks I went crazy, here's a flash back of how short we use to keep her hair. 

Oh, and she wants to color it too. 


  1. Emma's hair looks nice this length also. A great compromise! But, color? What color? Or should I say colors? Of course, it is hair...it will grow out or wash out the color. Just have fun and take photos. Love, G/M

  2. Gramma- I love that you comment on my posts! It makes me smile every single time :0)

    As for color, I have a feeling she has the Manic Panic colors in mind like we did a few summers ago.


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