Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Downtown Wanderings

Sometimes it's tough homeschool for the simple fact that we just don't get out enough (despite our walks, horse lessons, grocery shopping, play-dates, and what ever else we do ).

Saturday, May 18th, was one of those days. So, around 12:45, I suggested to Emma that we take the bus* downtown and just walk around for a while.

E- "Can we go to the toy store?"

M- "Sure."

With the next bus coming by at 1:30, we needed to get some food in our bellies, get dressed, and get our butts out the door.

I forgot to take pictures on the way there and at the toy store, but here are the pictures we did remember to take while downtown.

After checking out a cute new shop with lots of handmade/recycled goodies, we spied this guy.

Downtown Adventure- Buffalo (6)

Around the corner, there was an entire construction wall made beautiful with art.

Downtown Adventure- Street Art (2)

Downtown Adventure- Street Art (3)

Downtown Adventure- Street Art (5)

Downtown Adventure- Street Art

After walking around for a while, we were both a bit hungry. We stopped at a little cafe called The Crooked Tree Cafe and Bakery. We didn't have high hopes, but thought that just maybe they would have something gluten free. 

Turns out they did. 

Downtown Adventure- Crooked Tree Macaroons (3)
Mint and Chocolate as well as Orange and Chocolate Macaroons. 
And water.

Downtown Adventure- Crooked Tree Macaroons (4)
They didn't last long. 

Downtown Adventure- Crooked Tree Macaroons (6)
Popeye also enjoyed the water. 

As we left The Crooked Tree, Emma asked when the next bus would be leaving 'cause she wanted to go home. 

It was leaving in 6 minutes. 

So, we beat feet the 3 blocks back to the bus depot and made it with a minute or two to spare. 

Downtown Adventure- Bus Home (3)
Emma loves to stand up on the bus. 

Downtown Adventure- Bus Home (7)
She also likes to play musical chairs. 
So much easier to do when we are the only ones on the bus. 

All in all, our adventure only lasted about 2 hours, but we had a good time. Maybe on our next trip we will take a bit more time to stop and draw some of the fun things we saw (or at least take more pictures).

*In case anyone is wondering, yes we do still have the truck. Why ride the bus you ask? Riding the bus costs less then driving, prolongs the life of our truck, has a smaller impact on the earth, exposes us to lots of different people, takes us on routes we wouldn't normally travel and adds a bit of excitement to our adventures.

Our biggest reason for riding the bus it that Emma enjoys it. Is there any better reason than that?

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  1. Sounds like a fine adventure! Was the buffalo with horses painted on his side part of the ones spread all around Great Falls? Finding them all could be part of a multi-day plan. Have fun. Love, Mom


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