Thursday, April 18, 2013

Some Phone Photos

Emma and I are having a blast in IA. I finally got around to getting the photos off my phone. Enjoy!

Cresco, Apr13 (7)
Out to eat

Hiking (4)
Hiking/Drawing in Colorado

Hiking (6)
Hiking in Colorado

The Merritt's (4)
Playing at Friends house

The Merritt's (9)
Taking advantage of the one sunny day- Soup over the fire at a Friends house. YUM!

The Merritt's (10)
A sad girl cause it's about time to head back to Gramma's.

The Merritt's (12)
Two days of non-stop play, a super late night (midnight!), and about 8 hours in the fresh air and sun makes for a tired girl. 

The Merritt's (13)
A photo from Nov '12, right before we moved. 

Sort of random, but I'll try to write up a more detailed post soon. 

Hope everyone is having warmer weather than we have been!

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