Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello Texas!

We made it safely to Texas on Sunday after many long days on the road. Self-induced long days, but still. Long.

Our first day on the road was a very late start. Jared didn't get his paperwork until around 1:00 pm. By the time he got home, we got packed and everything into the car, it was 3:00 pm. After a stop at the grocery store for some last minute snacks and to fuel up, we finally hit the road just before 4:00 pm.

We didn't pull into Casper, WY until midnight. Thankfully the traffic was non-existent and the roads were nice.

Our second day on the road was long, but pretty fun. We stopped somewhere in Wyoming (just before we got into Colorado I think) and hiked/biked for about 2 hours.

It was chilly, windy, and it even snow/rained on us for the first few minutes. But it was fun.

Hiking in Wyoming (5)
Cool rock formation that we climbed on

Hiking in Wyoming (11)
Snack Break

Hiking in Wyoming (16)
Emma stalking the local wildlife

Hiking in Wyoming (17)
No, I was not eating two beef sticks at once. I was holding Emma's so she could stalk wildlife.

Hiking in Wyoming (23)
It was pretty chilly, so we only lasted for an hour. We hung out in the car for the second hour drawing and goofing off. Then Da got back! 

Oh, this place also had horse trails. Just after Da got back, three horses (and their riders) got back from their trail ride. Emma and I went over to say hi while Da got changed and packed back up. Emma loved it :0)

We ended up getting to our next hotel around 8ish, but we needed to run to REI to pick up some hiking pants for Emma and some electrolytes for Jared. We closed them up at 9pm, then headed over to Whole Foods to pick up some snacks and other yummy foods for the rest of the trip. We closed them up at 9:30. 

We finally got back to the hotel and crashed about 10:30. 

Our third day was much the same. We drove 50 minutes out of our way to hit an "epic trail" for Jared to ride. Emma and I hiked again. It was GORGEOUS! We were pretty high up, elevation wise, the air was warm and smelled like pine trees and fresh air, and it was just a beautiful day. I don't have any pictures (Jared had the camera), but we do have some awesome memories. Emma and I hiked for an hour, stopped to rest, refuel, and draw a bit. Then we headed back. We got back about 10 minutes before Jared. It was a wonderful hike. 

We had planned to drive to Amarillo, TX for the night, but when we saw that there was a La Quinta in Dumas, we called it a night (only about 45 minutes early). It was 11 something and Emma had passed out about 45 minutes before we pulled in. Once in, we all took showers, then hit the hay. 

Our last day was about 5 hours on the road. We stayed one night on base, but now we are off base. 

There isn't enough family lodging on base for Emma and I to stay for the  month, and Jared is not allowed to sleep off base, so Emma and I plan to head home on Monday or Tuesday of next week. We plan to head down to Dallas Friday night, stay till Sunday, and try to find a truck. It we are able to find one we want, Emma and I will drive that home on Monday. If no luck on the truck, Emma and I will probably take the train to Cresco (as long as Gramma and Boppa don't mind picking us up and putting up with us for a week or so), then we'll rent a car and drive home. 

Or, you know, we'll fall on plan Z if nothing else works. We're good at plan Z. 

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter!

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  1. Awesome sounding biking/hiking times. I am just selfish enough to be fine with you not finding a pickup so that you end up with time with us! I get back from AZ on the 11th so let me know the plan once you know it. Boppa will be here holding down the fort.


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