Sunday, March 24, 2013

What's Coming and What's Been

In four days, Jared, Emma and I will be leaving for Texas. At this point, we know for sure Jared will be there for a month.

Not so sure for Emma and I.

Apparently Jared is required to stay on base. As it, can't sleep off base in a rental with us. Added to that, we are not approved to stay in his room with him. So...when we get there, Jared is going to chat with the base hotel manager to see if Jared can transfer his officers room for a family room. We'd have to pay the difference (a whopping $2.50 per day), but it would be so worth it for all of us to be able to stay together.

If that doesn't work, Emma and I will hanging out for a week or so then heading home.

Maybe in a new truck.

We are finding having one vehicle here a bit tough. Jared ends up having a TON of running around to do at work, with no rhyme or reason, so not having a car makes it hard on him. For Emma and I, it isn't a big deal not having a car, except when we have horse lessons. There is no way for us get to horse lessons without a car.


I would love to be a one car family, but it just isn't going to work. We talked about getting Jared a motorcycle, but that really only serves one purpose, and while fairly inexpensive in vehicle terms, not very practical. We know we eventually want to be able to tow horses, or a camper, or, well, stuff so we figure lets just get what we want for the next 10-20 years.

Enter, the truck. Trucks are way less expensive in Texas, and we don't have time to look now. So, we'll start looking once we get to Texas.

If we do end up stay the entire month in Texas, Emma and I will head home when Jared heads to California. With the trouble we are having figuring out housing in Texas, we decided to skip that drama for California. Emma and I will hang out at home, then maybe take the train out to California for the last 2 weeks that Jared is in California. I mean, we can't completely miss out on the beach now can we?

Enough about what's coming. How about a bit of whats been happening.

Emma has moved out.

Over the last month or so, we've been doing a bit of rearranging in the house. After clearing out the craft room and moving our bedroom into that room, we had plans to leave the other bedroom empty. The thought was to get use to living in a smaller space.

Then I got bugged not using a room we were paying for. So, we moved all of Emma's toys and books into that room. The bed frame for the bunk bed was still in there, but we had no mattress on it, so we put some boards on there for her to use as a platform for her animals.

Then on Thursday night, she asked if she could sleep in there. We piled a ton of blankets onto the platform, but it wasn't comfy so Emma decided to come back into our bedroom.

On Friday night, this is what we ended up with.
Moving Out 22Mar13

Everything went well for the most part. Emma had a bad dream at one point and I woke up to her whimpering in her sleep. I immediately ran in there and soothed her only to realize that she wasn't even awake and that my soothing actually woke her up. She apologized for waking me up. So cute. 

And here was last night. 
Moving Out 23Mar13

We put the twin mattress onto the bottom frame, using some pallets to create a bit of a platform next to the mattress. No problems last night. My baby is growing up. She has officially moved out without looking back. 

Well, I suppose she does still need me for some things. Like making breakfast. Off to fry up some eggs!

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