Thursday, March 14, 2013

Still Alive

We are still here! It's been an odd couple of weeks, lots of feeling lazy and such, but we are still here.

We have been doing lots of cooking and foodish experimenting.

I know most of you aren't all that interested in the foodish stuff, but I'm gonna bore you with it anyway.

Egg Drop Soup. Emma loves egg drop soup. For her birthday a few years ago, we asked Emma where she would like to go for her birthday lunch, and she asked for egg drop soup.

Egg Drop Soup (6)

Egg Drop Soup (8)

Egg Drop Soup (10)

Egg Drop Soup
All gone!

The secret (at least in our house) for good egg drop soup is good chicken bone broth (a.k.a stock or broth). We have tried making egg drop soup with beef bone broth, but the flavor is so much stronger, that neither Emma nor I liked it much. 

For those interested, here are some links (here, here, and here)that explain how awesome bone broth is for your body and health. The first one also tells you how to make beef bone broth. 

The last week of February was spent recovering from a dairy overdose. You would think that after the first two episodes we would realize that dairy just needs to stay out of our diets, but sometimes cheese, ice cream and yogurt are hard to resist (especially around holidays and parties). So, a little here, a little there, and what do we end up with?

Poor Emma with a leaky nose, going through a box of tissues a day for 3 days straight, with an irritating cough, scratchy throat and bags under her eyes. 

This seemed to help a bit. 

Steam Bath
Steam bath with eucalyptus essential oils. 

This also seemed to help, at least to distract her. 

Playing with Oobleck 
(I have another not so good photo that actually shows how red and raw her nose is, but this picture is a better quality picture)

The first day she wasn't feeling well, she decided to make a felt horse for her friend. She worked on it throughout the week, and she did a great job on it. 

Isahia's Horse
Emma working on a felt horse, with tissues close at hand. 
(I forgot to take a finished photo)

So, that was the rest of our February. Like I said, March so far has been pretty lazy and slow, but crazy and busy at the same time. This week and next week, Emma has horse lessons 2x a week, I have  a doctors appointment and a chiropractor appointment, Emma and I have dentist appointments, Emma has 2 more art classes, we (as a family) are spending Sunday, Sunday night, and Monday in Missoula (I have an appointment on Monday there), a playdate on Wednesday, and something else I am probably forgetting. 

Oh, and we leave sometime around the 28th for a month in Texas, then two months in California. So I should probably add packing into the next two weeks somewhere. Which will include cooking enough food for us for the three day car drive as well as a meal or two to get us through the first few days in Texas (till we can find suitable food). 

It makes me tired just thinking about it which is why I keep putting it all off. Here is what we have done so far this month. 

A hike and lunch out (3)
Walking the trails on a nice day 
(that ended up being colder than we expected)

A hike and lunch out (4)
Emma trying to get Jared to keep racing her.

A hike and lunch out (2)
He did. 

After walking the trails we went out to lunch, then did groceries. 

A hike and lunch out (5)
Jared is actually coloring, he just holds the crayon weird and you can't see it. 

Emma's been making cakes lately. Duct tape and cardboard cakes. At least they don't have gluten. 

Emma's Cakes (2)

Horse lessons are going great. I don't take as many photos due to the not so awesome lighting, but I do have a few photos and 2 videos for your viewing pleasure. Um, never mind. The videos are taking forever to  upload. Photos though!

Horse Lessons 8Mar13 (3)
Every lesson starts with ground work. 

Horse Lessons 8Mar13 (6)
This week she got to walk around the barrels and the learn the proper way to reverse direction. 

Emma is learning some pretty technical stuff (for her age) and having lots of fun at the same time. We love Jill, our trainer, and wish that we could stay here forever so we could always work with her. With Jared's job, there is a good possibility that we will be back here again before he retires, so we have that to look forward too :0)

There has been lots of painting going on here.

collaborative art 13Mar13 (2)
Emma's Lion

collaborative art 13Mar13 (3)
Emma critiquing the dragon she drew that I painted (I added the scales).

collaborative art 13Mar13 (4)
The watercolor paints we used. You can see all the colors we created on the cover.

Emma is on a drawing and watercolor painting kick (which I love watching). Yesterday she suggested a competition to see who could paint a watercolor with more colors (both of us working out of the same watercolor paint set). She drew both of the pictures, and we painted them together. Jared got to be the judge. He decided that mine had more colors, but Emma's had a wider variety of colors. Very diplomatic. 

And last, the foodish experimenting. We have started making more cultured, fermented foods. A week or so ago I made gingered carrots from the cook book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Follon. No one really likes to eat them straight from the jar, but added to our homemade mayo with some seasonings, it makes a fantastic salad dressing/dip. 

I also started making water kefir. Water kefir is a fermented drink made from sugar water and kefir grains (little bunches of yeast and bacteria). Mixed with a little lemon juice, it makes fantastic lemonade. 

Why all the fermented foods and drinks? Probiotics and healthy enzymes, both of which are essential for a healthy gut. A healthy gut is essential for a healthy body.

And, that's as much as I am gonna say about it. To tired to jump on my soap box.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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  1. I am finally getting caught up on emails etc. from our time gone. I think I need to print the shots of Emma and the horse! Glad the food ideas have given you all some good food that you like. Tomorrow I sub at HS for reading/literature. Good thing or else I'd just sit home and read my new book. Take care. M/G


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