Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In the Kitchen and Proof

This is what it looked like in our kitchen on Monday.

Big Cooking (2)
Photo by Emma

For the last few weeks I have been doing about 90% of our cooking one day a week. I cook up a weeks worth of meat, some of the veggie sides, and I try to throw in a few condiments and sides when possible. 

This weeks menu...

Big Cooking (6)
Burgers, Mahi Mahi, Chicken Nuggets, Fried Chicken
-In the oven is Brussels Sprouts and Bacon, and just plain bacon.

Here is Emma checking to make sure I didn't poison the nuggets. 

Big Cooking (5)

Big Cooking (4)
Brussels Sprouts Chips

In the top photo, I also have fresh green beans steaming, but those were being made for that days lunch. They do reheat well in our toaster oven, but I didn't buy enough to make more than one meal. Jared and I really like them. 

We have also been doing smoothies somewhat regularly again. We started up again with just fruit, then I slowly started adding in veggies. As long as the smoothie didn't end up green, Emma was game. 

Then I made this guy. 

Very Green Smoothie-
Very Green Smoothie

I always try to start my smoothies by blending up the room temp/fridge items first, then adding in the frozen items. For this smoothie, I blended up 1/2 a can of crushed pineapple with a few scoops of chopped, frozen collard greens. Once that was going, I added in a small chunk of shredded, frozen zucchini and blended a bit more. It smelled really yummy, so I poured a bit in a shot glass for Emma to try. 

She LOVED it. 

So, I added in the rest of the collard greens (maybe a 1/2 cup total), the rest of the can of pineapple, the rest of the zucchini (maybe a 1/2 cup in total), then tossed in a whole (cut in half) frozen banana. Once that was blended, I added a dollop of coconut oil for a dose of healthy fat, then served.  

Very Green SMoothie

Very Green Smoothie

I think she liked it. 

Has anyone heard of Eggs and Soldiers? It's a food served often over in the UK. It is now a food that will be served often here in our house. 

Eggs and Soldiers (2)

Eggs and Soldiers is basically a soft-boiled egg (the whites are cooked, the yolk is runny) with strips of buttered toast to dip in the gooey yolk. We don't do toast, so I made some yam fries instead. 

It was a big hit. Emma and I both loved them. And, they are easier to make then the over easy eggs I manage to screw up every morning (with less clean up even!). With our handy-dandy toaster oven, I can even make up a big patch of yam or sweet potato fries and just reheat them while the eggs are cooking. Win-win in my book!

Only problem is, now I need to buy some egg cups. Our improvised "cups" worked this morning, but were not as user friendly as a real egg cup (or so I imagine). 

So, curious what the proof is mentioned in the title? I'll show, then tell. 

She's Growing

Proof that the kiddo is growing. This summer, this skirt reached her knees. In case you can't quite see it in the picture, her skirt is know easily one of my hand-widths above her knee now. Into the donate pile with these!

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