Monday, March 25, 2013

Horse Lessons

Oh man, horse lessons are so much fun to watch. I keep trying to upload videos, but it doesn't seem to want to work. Bummer, cause watching Emma lope on Meggie is so incredibly cool! (For those unfamiliar, horse paces go walk, trot, lope, canter, gallop).

So the last few weeks of lessons in photos.

*I suppose I should explain how lessons work. Typically Jill, Emma and I go out to get Meggie from her paddock. Jill lets Emma do most of the work, but is there if needed. We bring Meggie in, brush her, tack her up (saddle blanket and saddle to start), then Emma does her ground work.

Ground work entails Emma holding onto Meggies lead rope and walking, trotting and loping Meggie in circles. She starts going one way, then switches to work both sides of Meggies body (very important).

Once Meggie is warmed up, it's time to put on the bridal and bit so Emma can ride.

Now, pictures!

From March 15th.

Horse Lessons 15Mar13- Catching Meggie (2)
We started showing up early so that Emma and I could catch Meggie and groom her before lessons. Gives Emma more ground work and riding time. 

Horse Lessons 15Mar13- Catching Meggie (3)
Meggie really is the perfect height for Emma

Horse Lessons 15Mar13- Catching Meggie (5)
Getting the halter on

Horse Lessons 15Mar13- Catching Meggie (6)
Tying the knot

Horse Lessons 15Mar13- Catching Meggie (8)
Leading Meggie to the barn

Horse Lessons 15Mar13- Catching Meggie
Such a cute pair!

Horse Lessons 15Mar13 (10)
Emma enjoys the ground work. She understands how important it is to the horse, and that it makes her a better rider.

Horse Lessons 15Mar13
A blurry photo, but a good shot of her posting.

March 19th
Horse Lessons 19Mar13 (2)
Playing the bean bag game. Jill (Emma's trainer) places bean bags around the arena for Emma to maneuver Meggie into specific placement. Then Emma needs to throw the bean bags into a circle in the middle of the arena. She loved this activity. 

March 22nd
Horse Lessons 22Mar13 Treat Time (2)
No pictures of Emma actually riding or doing ground work. Here she is trying to turn Meggie loose, while Meggie and Otis try to get at the homemade treats they know she has. 

Horse Lessons 22Mar13 Otis (2)
While Emma is busy with Meggie, Otis decides to check out what I am holding. 

Horse Lessons 22Mar13 Treat Time (4)
As you can see by the big smile, Emma loves giving them treats. 

Horse Lessons 22Mar13 Treat Time
All gone! Time to get out of the cold. Brrr!

That's it for Montana horse lessons for a bit. We may have someone lined up to teach Emma while we are in Texas, but we have no idea what is going to happen while we are there, so we will just play it by ear. 

We will miss Jill, Meggie, and Otis, but we look forward to starting lessons back up the moment we get back to Montana. Mama's even gonna take lessons when we get back!

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