Friday, January 18, 2013

Montana Horse Lessons!

Emma started horse lessons today! She was really nervous this morning, though I couldn't really get a clear explanation as to why.

She got over it quickly and ended up having a great time. My pictures are pretty horrible, but it's the best I could get.

Horse Lessons- 18Jan13 (2)
Catching the Woolly Mammoth a.k.a Maggie the Pony

Horse Lessons- 18Jan13 (4)
Leading Maggie to the barn

Horse Lessons- 18Jan13 (6)
Brushing her mane 

Horse Lessons- 18Jan13 (8)
Putting on the saddle

Horse Lessons- 18Jan13 (10)
Leading Maggie around the arena 

Horse Lessons- 18Jan13 (13)
Lunging Maggie (having her walk around Emma in a circle)

Horse Lessons- 18Jan13 (16)

Emma had a great lesson. Jill, Emma's instructor, is really nice. She is very patient with Emma, actually listens to Emma's odd ramblings, and talks to her like an adult. Jill seems almost as excited as Emma and I are about our upcoming lessons. She was impressed with Emma's horse/barn safety, as well as all that she remembered. 

Emma and I both love Maggie. She is super cute, very friendly, and the perfect size. This is the first horse (or pony) that Emma has been able to reach to brush the back as well as see over. Emma was even able to get her foot in the stir-up and climb onto Maggie all on her own! It's a totally different level of confidence for her now that she is in (mostly) complete control of this little pony. I am so excited to see how much Emma grows as a horsewoman in the next few years. 

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Friday, and has a even better weekend!

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  1. What a fine day for you. I bet Da wishes he could have been there too. But you can tell him all about it. I have a feeling that Maggie and Emma will make a fine team. Two special little ladies! I wrote Emma a long post on the Fancy Nancy book reading video. Got and done writing and it would not let me "post a comment."


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