Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Family Field Trip

At 8:00 this morning, this is what J.E.T was doing.

Ski Trip 9Jan13 (3)
On the Ski Bus

Today was so much fun! It was Wing Ski Day. Not sure exactly what that means, except that Jared got the day off so long as he went skiing. 

Twist our arms!

Ski Trip 9Jan13 (4)
Top of the slope!

It was so much fun having Da on the slopes with us this time. The first hour or two Emma was being really hard on herself and was having a tough time controlling her skies. We stopped for lunch. Emma had a burger patty with a side of fries and confidence. When we went back out, she was a skiing machine. 

Ski Trip 9Jan13 (11)
Rocking the goggles on the slope.

Ski Trip 9Jan13 (13)

After taking tons of photos and videos of Jared and Emma, I really wanted to be in the pictures too. 

Ski Trip 9Jan13 (15)
Family photo!

Jared thought he would take the camera after that. 

Ski Trip 9Jan13 (18)
Me and Emma on the Magic Carpet

Ski Trip 9Jan13 (34)
Me Skiing!

We only made a few more runs before we all got tired. So, we went and hung out in the lodge, had a snack, then went to the pro shop to buy Emma a helmet. 

Ski Trip 9Jan13 (38)
New pink helmet that matches everything else.

Yes, we bought her a helmet AFTER we finished skiing. We bought her goggles yesterday and they were awesome. We had planned to get her a helmet as well, but decided to wait until after we had skied at least one more time. 

This was one more time!

Plus, now that she is skiing faster, and the fact that the helmet will help keep the goggles from sliding down her head, we figured it was time. 

Here is a fun video before I finish up.

Ski Trip 9Jan13 (46)
Tired after a wonderful day of skiing. 

I hope that your Wednesday was just as wonderful as ours!

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