Friday, November 30, 2012


Today was our first full(ish) day here in our apartment. We loaded up the rest of our stuff from the hotel this morning and Jared dropped us (and a second car load full) of our stuff off at the apartment around 10 or so. The landlord was here installing a deadbolt (which we had asked for when we signed the lease). He tried to install it yesterday by with the movers coming in and out, it would have been a big ol' pain in the butt.

So, here are some photos of the progress we made. Can you see it? I sure can.

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 kitchen
The Kitchen- Three loads of dishes done and mostly put away. I have a TON of glass jars. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 living room from door
Living Room- Not much progress here, but a little. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 Living room from hall
Living Room- This shot is from down the hallway a bit. Emma has been doing most of her playing in that area is it's the largest open space and we don't have much that needs to go there so she isn't in the way there. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 hallway
The Hallway- I cleared at least one box out of the hallway, but most of it just got shuffled around a bit. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 bathroom
Bathroom- I think a bunch of stuff found it's way into the bathroom today. There is a path to the toilet though, so we are good.

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 bedroom
Bedroom: Take 1- This photo is blurry because Emma wanted me to take a photo of her swinging. Just after taking the picture, she managed to fall on her head. It apparently didn't cause too much damage because this is what she was doing 3 minutes later.

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 Bedroom take 2
Bedroom: Take 2- We decided swinging feet out was safer that way she wouldn't land on her head again. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 Emma's sleeping nook
Emma's Sleeping Nook- I put flannel sheets on her bed. Should have known better. That kid runs hot and was sweating before we were done snuggling. Had to swap out the top sheet for a regular cotton sheet.

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 The Nest3
The Nest- This room has had this name since we decided on the place. When we made a floor plan drawing of the apartment and were deciding where everything would go, Emma wanted to know where our friends, the Merritts, would sleep when they came to visit (she is already hopeful!). I told her we could just throw a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor in that room and all the kids could sleep in there like in a nest. Hence, The Nest. And Emma says it with flair each and every time. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 The Nest2
The Nest- The wall to the right will be all of Emma's toys and such. The wall at the top of the photo is going to be all the craft stuff. We plan to put a round table in front of the window, and all of Emma's books will be on a bookshelf against the left wall. It will be tight, but I think it will work. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 The Nest1
The Nest- again. Emma is having a blast rediscovering all of her toys. She spends more time playing with them then finding a home for them, but I figure that's part of the process. 

Well, that's it for tonight. We are all pretty exhausted. Poor Jared worked until 7pm, and he had physical training (with his coworkers) this morning at 6am. A really long day for him. And he has to work tomorrow. It sucks, but we know it won't be like this all the time. On the bright side, he gets out of unpacking. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting Settled

Whew. Moving is tough work. Add in the fact that I was sick for about the first week we were here, and the fact that we had very little internet access, that puts me way behind on the updates.

Everyone is healthy now, and pretty happy. We found an apartment (if you have not gotten a letter with our new address, e-mail me and I will send it to you), are starting to get the lay of the land, and today, we got all our household goods!

It feels so good to have all our crap stuff back. I am kinda tired from unpacking boxes, but I thought I would share at least a few photos with you guys tonight.

Here is a link to the photos we took on our drive out. There are 130, but most of them are pretty cool. Like this one...

b. Travel to MT- Day 2- Mt Rushmore (20)

Here is a picture of each room as of right now.

We got our stuff (2)

We got our stuff (3)

We got our stuff (4)
Living Room

We got our stuff (5)

We got our stuff (6)

We got our stuff
Craft/Play Room/ Office

As you can see we have a LOT left to do. But, for tonight, we are done. We will head out in a bit for a splurge (supper out) then spend one last night on base before moving the rest of our stuff out here tomorrow. 

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hello From Montana!

We made it, we are here in Great Falls, Montana. I don't have a lot of time-my computer is acting up on top of the fact that we don't have internet access in our room and have to hang out in the lobby.

Enough complaining.

Our trip our was FANTASTIC! We are all so glad that we decided to take the three days and make a mini vacation out of it.

I have some great pictures (but the camera is in the car and Jared has both), and some wonderful things to share, but they will all have to wait.

So for now, we are here, we are mostly healthy, and we are excited!

Update you all with more as soon as we can!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

What a Beautiful Day!

Happy Veteran's Day, and thank you to everyone who has served or is currently serving!

Yesterday was in the high 60's, low 70's. It was gorgeous! Thankfully we had planned on hiking, so we got to take advantage of the day.

We started our hike with lots of layers

By the end of the hike, we had removed lots of layers!

We really enjoyed the hike. The trail was pretty steep, which we all really enjoyed (flat gets pretty boring for all of us). We hiked just a bit longer this time then last time. (for more hiking pictures, feel free to check out our flicker account)

We also had made plans to meet up with cousins at the children's museum in La Crosse, WI. That was really a blast as well.

Cousin Kelsey, Cousin Logan, Auntie Kris, Emma, Gramma, Jared 
(I was keeping baby Haley company while everyone played)

A really cool vacuum thing with scarves that shoot out from different locations. 
This kept us busy for a while.

I don't remember what these things are called, but it was a giant version of what you can get at the store. Jared's on the top, then me, then Emma. Fun :0)

After the museum we met up with GG's Hagen for super. It was good to get one last visit in before we head for Montana.

Now to backtrack a bit. The movers that came out on Wednesday were all very nice. Four people showed up and it is probably a good thing. We had way more stuff than we thought. The movers arrive a little after 9:00 am and didn't pull out of the driveway until around 3:00 pm. It was a long day for everyone, but I feel that they took great care of our stuff and they were all really nice.

So, Wednesday night we had a lot of big open spaces. It was just calling to Emma to be played in.

Brio's first, then she moved on too mega blocks and fiddlestix. At one point we spread out a towel so she could sprawl out and paint with the little art kit we had put together for our travels.

Lots of fun.

Well, it's a rainy day. Think I might get our laundry done and then either read or work in my altered journals.

Hope your weekend was fantastic!
p.s. At this time next week, Jared, Emma and I will be in Great Falls, Montana!

Monday, November 5, 2012

One Week, 3 Days

That is how long until Emma, Jared and I start the next chapter of our lives. We are so excited! The movers will be here on Wednesday to pack all our junk. Man will the house feel clean on Thursday!

Emma and I have decided that in order to get out of the house more, we will start hiking. It works out nicely because we can just tag along when Jared bikes and hike the same trails.

Jared was all for the idea. In fact, he decided to hike with us yesterday instead of biking.
What a guy :0)

He thought it was pretty cool to walk the trails he usually bikes, and Emma and I enjoyed all the things he was able to point out because he is so familiar with the trails.

It was also cool to walk on one of the trails that he worked on when they had a trail maintenance day a few weeks ago.

Well, as we get everything ready to go, I have cards ready to send out once we know our new address. If you are interested in getting a card with our Montana address, please e-mail me your address!

Hope everyone is having a great week!