Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Sucks, Let's Make Fun of It...

Those are the billboards we have been seeing around town for the local ski slopes, Showdown Montana. All three of us find the ads really funny.

Well, not only are their ads awesome, they opened up the hill yesterday (Thursday) to military only. For free. Yes, you read that right, there was no charge for anything. Rentals, lift tickets, and lessons were all free. The base provided buses to transport people out to the hill (which took about 1.5 hours), so that was free as well. Wow.

So, really, how could Emma and I pass up such an awesome (and free) opportunity? We felt a little bad going without Jared (cause someone has to make the money and pay the bills), but seeing as he was the one who mentioned it and suggested it, we decided to go.

We called on Wednesday morning to see if there was still space on the bus. Once we reserved our seat, we had to get our stuff ready. We needed snow pants (Gramma, we thought we had packed them but you were right about the ones you found), wool leggings, wool hats, and some mitten liners.

Out came the sewing machine. I whipped up a pair of wool leggings for Emma from a felted sweater, and a hat and mittens to match.  I should have skipped the mittens and made a scarf attached to the hat, but hindsight is 20/20.

Now, I know I can make just about anything, but snow pants are way out of my realm (not to mention I have no fabric that would work for that). So, we hopped onto the bus, went way across town to drop of some movies we had rented and to get some snacks from the local grocery store (2 J's Fresh Market has some pretty good stuff that we can actually eat) for our ski day.

After that, it was a quick stop at Sheels to get some snow pants. We lucked out and got a great pair that I am pretty sure she can wear for the next 3-4 years. The snow pants are made by a company called Jupa. They specialize in kids fall and winter gear. The pants are adjustable at the shoulders and waist, as well as at the cuff. They have a specially stitched cuff so that when your kid's grow taller, you can cut the thread and it adds 2 inches to the length of the pants.

Anyway, we got the pants and headed home. With everything situated and ready for the next day, we were excited!

On Thursday morning, we got up early so that Jared could bring us onto base before he had to go to work. We were a little early so he dropped us off at the base gym and Emma had the Family Fun Zone all to herself.

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (2)
Emma loves these dinosaur climbing things. 

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (12)
She also loves the bounce castle. 

We spent about 15 minutes playing before walking over to catch the bus. I really didn't do a great job with the camera, but here we are, skiing!

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (28)
Just finished up lessons.

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (29)
First trip up the "Magic Carpet." 

We had a minor incident at the top. The entire group of newbie skiers were making their way up the magic carpet, one at a time. At the top, there was an older gentleman who was, I thought, suppose to be assisting skiers off of the magic carpet. The older gentleman did indeed help the female adult that was in front of Emma, but when it was Emma's turn, he turned and walked inside the little shelter thing and just watched her as she awkwardly exited the magic carpet then fell. He just looked at her as she lay sprawled and crying. I couldn't get up the magic carpet any faster, so I also had to watch her cry. I was SO mad that I yelled at the guy, "Why didn't you help her?! Why did you just watch her fall?!" He kinda looked at me and sputtered some sort of reply but by that time I was to Emma and I scooped her up and got us both out of the way of the other skiers. 

Needless to say she was pretty upset, but I was able to get her calmed down, though the experience made the first trip down the mountain a long and not so enjoyable one. 

That is, until we got some help from the ski instructor, Jared. I told Emma he had to be a nice guy cause he had the same name as Da. 

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (30)
Emma is getting some instruction from Jared the ski instructor. After this, she was much more comfortable, and happy. 

We finally made it down the hill, and decided to stop for a snack (which turned into lunch). After the quick break, we hit the slope again. 

It took a little convincing, but...

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (31)
Magic Carpet take 2

She did a fantastic job getting off this time. Then we skied. 

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (32)
Here she is using the pizza to slow herself down. 

We chatted while we skied and one of the topics that kept coming up was that we kinda felt bad that we were having so much fun while Da had to work. We talked about maybe telling Da that we didn't have fun so he wouldn't feel like he missed out, and Emma suggested we take a picture with her on the ground and her skies up in the air. I suggested I just take a picture the next time she actually falls. She said she would pout so it looks like she isn't having fun.

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (33)
Pouting to pretend she isn't having fun.

We decided to make our last run at 3:00 p.m., giving ourselves plenty of time to relax, grab a snack, and warm up before catching the bus home at 4:30. 

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (34)
Trail mix and apple juice. 
We spent a whopping $2.50 for the entire trip and it was all for the juice.

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (35)
Our view from the lodge.

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (36)
Emma ended up making a friend.

We had so much fun skiing, but that wasn't the end of the awesome day. When Jared picked us up, he suggested we go out to dinner. After yelling, "Pizza" all day, I knew what I wanted, so we went to MacKenzie River Pizza Company

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (37)
Emma snuggling Da.

They have gluten free pizza :0)

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing (38)
Photo by Emma

Ski Day at Showdown- First time skiing
Photo by Emma.

We had such a great day! 

p.s. Check out our videos on Flicker! Video 1Video 2, Video 4

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