Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I suck at titles for my posts. I should be really boring and just put the date, but I have to at least make a lame attempt.

Anyway, here is an actually update of all things J.E.T. related.

Let's start with the J.

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It's great being back in the Air Force, but it sucks how long it will take for Jared to get his first paycheck. We might be lucky to get paid on the 15th of this month, but we may not get anything until the 1st. Adds an extra layer of stress to everything, but that first paycheck will be big enough to pay off a lot of stuff, so we'll just suck it up till then. If only we could find paleo friendly ramen...

So far, work has been REALLY crazy. They have a huge inspection going on, so it's kinda like, "Ignore the new guy, but let's make him work these crazy hours with us!"

Jared isn't really ignored, and everyone has been really awesome and great to him, but he feels useless and that doesn't sit well with him. He is still doing his in-processing (all the boring meetings and paperwork that go along with a new job). Things here are a lot different from DM. Basically the mission for the entire base is missiles related, with the exception of a few squadrons. Back in Tucson, each different unit had a different number- 79th was Jared, 55th was me, 41st was a different C-130 unit, etc. Here just about everyone starts their unit with 341st something or other. Makes it really hard to keep track of who belongs where.

But, we will eventually get the hang of it.

The good news with Jared's work is that we now have training dates. Yeah! Starting in April, we get to spend about a month in Texas followed by about a month in California. Can you say hello warm weather and playing at the beach! Emma and I are very exited (Jared is too- he plans to bring his bike).

So, next up we have the E.

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Such a flexible child. When we were looking at apartments, Emma and I had our hearts set on this one apartment, mostly because it was cool and different. I also liked it because it was a block or so from a playground. Jared really liked the other apartment that we looked at (the apartment pickings were pretty slim). So, we sat down and figured it all out and decided that Jared's choice was the more practical choice. We had to sell it to Emma though. She wasn't convinced that this apartment was better until we explained there was more room for when people come visit (yes, I am expecting people to come visit!).

Emma keeps asking what the first thing we are going to do once we are all settled, but I never really know if my answers are what she's looking for. When I ask her what she thinks the first thing we should do is, she never seems to know what she is looking for either.

We have already started making friends. This past weekend we attended a children's Christmas part hosted by Jared's work. The first hour was a little intense as Emma was extremely overwhelmed and wouldn't let me put her down. She wouldn't even take her face out of my neck. If we had been nice parents, we would have left, but I am glad we are mean parents because after about an hour she started to feel more comfortable. It took a 15 minute ride on Jared's shoulders as well as the bribe of meeting some horses in the next week or so, but hey, it worked. After the second hour, she didn't want to leave. She really had a great time, you know, once she relaxed a bit.

We have seen a few horses, and there are really cool buffalo statues all over town. Emma and I have taken the bus to the public library and it was pretty cool, though it takes about 40 minutes between the walking and the riding.

Lucky for us, we make our own schedules.

I see a lot of bus trips in our future. Emma loves it, and with just one car, it beats having to walk everywhere.

I guess that leaves you with the T.

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I won free meat!! Yes, I am a dork, but one of my favorite paleo websites, Nom Nom Paleo, was offering a giveaway for a grass-fed lamb/beef sampler and I signed up. Free meat? Yes please. The giveaway was for a 6lb sampler pack with 2lbs garlic and rosemary lamb sausage, 2lbs ground lamb, and 2lbs ground beef, as well as a $50 gift certificate from Lava Lake Lamb. All grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free, just the way we like our meat.

I was so excited when I won! I did a happy dance. In my head anyway. The meat arrived fedex today in a cool insulated box with dry ice to keep everything frozen. We are so having lamb sausage tomorrow. Yum.

I am tired. Moving is tough work- physically, mentally, emotionally. I have been listening to my body enough over the last few months to realize that it goes haywire when I get overly stressed and overly tired. Oh, and I seem to be crazy sensitive to crap in water. Can't seem to tolerate tap water anymore so I was VERY happy when I unearth our Britta Filter. I know there are better filters out there, but this one seems to get enough of the junk out of the water that I can drink it without heartburn and other weird issues.

Enough complaining. It feels really good to be settling. We found a decent grocery store that carries a lot of the foods that Emma and I do better eating, though we really miss the Oneota Food Co-op in Decorah. We knew that, for the most part, everything there was pretty safe and if not, it was well labeled. Our new place is a local grocery store that specializes in organic and special dietary needs, but we still have to read all the labels carefully. Oh well, I should be doing that anyway.

Emma and I managed to get some crafting in the last few days. That feels really good. Emma even managed to get her first hot glue gun burn today! My baby is growing up so fast.

I would guess that in the next week or two The Nest will be really organized and much more user friendly. We have plans to pick up a round table for in there to craft on, but it may be a bit of a wait for that.

Oh, I am also in the process of trying to sign up to take classes again. This time through Arizona State Universities on-line program.

The only other thing going on is that we got an offer on our house. Exciting! We will be paying to sell it, but the seller is offering cash and wants to close by Dec 20th, so we figure we might as well. Saves us in the long run with not having that mortgage payment hanging over our heads.

Well, I think that should be enough to help you all lapse into a coma. I hope everyone is have a wonderful week!

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