Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Almost a Week

We have been in our apartment for 5 days. As comfy as we all seem to be, it seems as though we have been here for a lot longer.

Despite the fact that Jared is working some crazy long hours (hello, 8+ hours on Saturday) and with taking all of Sunday off (I didn't unpack a single box!), we have still made a lot of progress.

Apartment- Day 5 (2)

I'll admit I am not the tidiest person. Sometimes I get really bugged about it. So, I made a vow, resolution, promise, whatever you want to call it, with myself to do a better job here in our new place. So far, I have kept up on my plan. I have done the dishes after each meal or snack -Emma has been super helpful putting away dry dishes from the previous meal while I prep the current one- washed the counters and table at least each night (sometimes a few times throughout the day as needed) with my new homemade disinfectant (thank you pinterest)

Yes, it's only been 5 days (though technically less since it took a day or two to get the kitchen put together), but I feel good keeping the kitchen clean. 

Apartment- Day 5 (3)

We only have 5 or 6 boxes left to unpack, most of them being here in the hallway. The two bigger boxes are all framed photos. The plan is to put them on that wall right there, but we need to wait till Jared starts getting a paycheck so that I can go get some of those handy 3M picture hanger things. 

You can also see Emma's Mystical Table in this shot, but I will explain that more later. 

Apartment- Day 5 (4)
Living Room 1

This is the view from the door. The bookcase behind our love seat will eventually be painted, probably a blue of some sort, but for now we are happy with the function over form. The Santa up there is Jared's from his Mama. Not sure how long he has had it, but it's pretty. 

Apartment- Day 5 (5)
Living Room 2

This is a view from the hallway. We may eventually get a T.V. that will sit on the crate, but for now it's a junk holder. Emma LOVES to decorate for the holidays (got that from Gramma cause Jared and I are a couple of Bah Humbugs as far as decorating/holiday's are concerned). When Emma was 4 turning 5 she wanted to know if Santa was real. We told her the truth, because that is what we do in our house, and she was fine with it. She decided she wanted to believe in Santa anyway after spending a few Christmases at Gramma's. We are fine with that also. So this year she wrote out a list for Santa and we delivered it to the Santa at Walmart. She will receive a gift or two from Santa, as well as a stocking of goodies from the big guy. She's pretty sure he will come through the window. 

Jared's bicycle trainer will go behind the recliner at some point. 

Apartment- Day 5 (6)

We finally got the bathroom cleared out! Man our bathroom is huge. 

Apartment- Day 5 (8)

Our bedroom is still a bit of a mess. We only spend time in there to sleep, so we never really think about getting it finished until bedtime and no one wants to work on it then. 

Apartment- Day 5 (9)
The Nest

Yeah, it shows you where our priorities lie that this was the first room fully unpacked, neatened up, then made messy again. Emma and I were desperate to get some crafting done the other day, but in order to be creative, we had to get creative.

We  had no table, so this is what we came up with.

Apartment- Day 5
Temp Craft Table

We took two small bookcases, threw the top to one of the crates on it, then covered it with a cut up cardboard box (because Emma is terrified of splinters). Couple of plastic milk crates as pillows and we were good to go! It felt good to get crafty. 

Well, that is where we are at on day 5. I will write more about actually happenings soon. Hope everyone is having a great week!

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