Friday, December 21, 2012

7 is a BIG One

Has it really been 7 years since I met my baby?

Hospital1 (12)

Since I first held her?

Hospital1 (4)

Since her first nap with Da?

Hospital (2)

Since her first bath?

lil emma (3)

Seriously, how did the time go by so fast? Did I blink and miss the last 7 years?

I know I didn't miss the last 7 years, but I have a terrible memory. Thankfully I took about a million pictures. Here is just a yearly recap.

Emma turns 1 today
First Birthday 
(Spent in Cresco, IA while Da was in Djibouti, Africa)

2nd Birthday
Second Birthday
(By this point we had moved to Iowa)

3rd Birthday
Third Birthday
(Spent in NH)

Almost her 4th b-day (4 days)
Fourth Birthday (4 days early!)
(In Cresco, IA)

5th Birthday (Tangled)
Fifth Birthday
(Spent just the three of us- Tangled 3D, toy store, and chinese food)

Cake Time (4)
Sixth Birthday
(In Cresco, IA)

And here are some photos from our fun, lazy-stay-home day that we had today. The original plan was to grab some gluten free pizza at MacKenzie River Pizza and catch a flick (The Rise of the Guardians), but Da's work had other plans. Poor Da, he was really upset when he found out he wouldn't be able to take a 1/2 day so we could celebrate Emma's b-day. 

Emma woke up (at 0545) to see this 

Birthday Banner- Requested by Emma (2)

and this

To Emma from Da (2)

in the kitchen. She loved it. She had been pestering me to make a banner, but I wanted it to be special and a little bit of a surprise. Jared and I worked on the banner, but Jared decided, on his own, to make Emma the medal. 

Da making for Emma
(he really didn't want me taking pictures, but he realizes that Emma may need them some day)

He and I each have one that Emma made for us, so Jared thought to make one for Emma. Such a great dad. 

It's really amazing how much a person can accomplish in a day when they get up before 6 a.m. I made Emma a new hat.

Birthday Crafting (2) 
(Gramma, recognize the blue fabric? It use to be cloth napkins)

Emma watched a TON of My Little Pony episodes (hey, it's her birthday).

Birthday Crafting (4)

She had ice cream for lunch.

Birthday Crafting (7)

And we got a lot of crafting done while listening to the 6th Harry Potter book. 

Birthday Crafting (11)
She added some copper wire to a My Little Pony ornament.

Birthday Crafting (25)
She requested a flower for her hat that matches my hat.

Birthday Crafting (34)
She finished up some earrings she started for me yesterday.

Birthday Crafting (33)
My hat, with a fun pin and Emma's earrings

Then it was time to make Emma's birthday cupcakes. We used this recipe, and here is the frosting recipe that we started out with but made some changes too. 

Emma was on clean up duty.

Birthday Frosting (4)

Emma has not opened presents from Jared and I yet, or eaten any of the cupcakes. We are waiting for Da for that. She did get some fun goodies in the mail from Gramma yesterday. 

Birthday Gifts From Gramma (5)
Gramma, Emma, and I share a LOVE of Jan Brett books. This one is new to us. Emma is reading the note from Gramma. 

After reminding Emma she still had a few things to open, she stopped looking through the book. Her second favorite goody was this

Birthday Gifts From Gramma
Barbie Princess Charm School.

Well, that's about all we have for now. I will update tomorrow with the rest of the birthday celebrations. Thanks to everyone who called to wish/sing Emma Happy Birthday!

If you want more photos, you can find them here


  1. What a fun review! I especially like the snaps from birthdays 2 and 5. Cute blue cap and 7 seems off to a fine start. We all know Da would have been home with his young ladies if he could have been.
    Auntie Sara would be there too if she could. Sometimes work gets in the way. Of course, weather was a big hindrance this year. Love to you all. Mom/Gramma

  2. YUP, I'm old and forgetful...meant to put in my first post that I was impressed with the birthday pennants and medal. Great and fun ideas that were so special to Emma.


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