Friday, November 30, 2012


Today was our first full(ish) day here in our apartment. We loaded up the rest of our stuff from the hotel this morning and Jared dropped us (and a second car load full) of our stuff off at the apartment around 10 or so. The landlord was here installing a deadbolt (which we had asked for when we signed the lease). He tried to install it yesterday by with the movers coming in and out, it would have been a big ol' pain in the butt.

So, here are some photos of the progress we made. Can you see it? I sure can.

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 kitchen
The Kitchen- Three loads of dishes done and mostly put away. I have a TON of glass jars. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 living room from door
Living Room- Not much progress here, but a little. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 Living room from hall
Living Room- This shot is from down the hallway a bit. Emma has been doing most of her playing in that area is it's the largest open space and we don't have much that needs to go there so she isn't in the way there. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 hallway
The Hallway- I cleared at least one box out of the hallway, but most of it just got shuffled around a bit. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 bathroom
Bathroom- I think a bunch of stuff found it's way into the bathroom today. There is a path to the toilet though, so we are good.

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 bedroom
Bedroom: Take 1- This photo is blurry because Emma wanted me to take a photo of her swinging. Just after taking the picture, she managed to fall on her head. It apparently didn't cause too much damage because this is what she was doing 3 minutes later.

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 Bedroom take 2
Bedroom: Take 2- We decided swinging feet out was safer that way she wouldn't land on her head again. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 Emma's sleeping nook
Emma's Sleeping Nook- I put flannel sheets on her bed. Should have known better. That kid runs hot and was sweating before we were done snuggling. Had to swap out the top sheet for a regular cotton sheet.

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 The Nest3
The Nest- This room has had this name since we decided on the place. When we made a floor plan drawing of the apartment and were deciding where everything would go, Emma wanted to know where our friends, the Merritts, would sleep when they came to visit (she is already hopeful!). I told her we could just throw a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor in that room and all the kids could sleep in there like in a nest. Hence, The Nest. And Emma says it with flair each and every time. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 The Nest2
The Nest- The wall to the right will be all of Emma's toys and such. The wall at the top of the photo is going to be all the craft stuff. We plan to put a round table in front of the window, and all of Emma's books will be on a bookshelf against the left wall. It will be tight, but I think it will work. 

Unpacking Progress-Day 2 The Nest1
The Nest- again. Emma is having a blast rediscovering all of her toys. She spends more time playing with them then finding a home for them, but I figure that's part of the process. 

Well, that's it for tonight. We are all pretty exhausted. Poor Jared worked until 7pm, and he had physical training (with his coworkers) this morning at 6am. A really long day for him. And he has to work tomorrow. It sucks, but we know it won't be like this all the time. On the bright side, he gets out of unpacking. 


  1. Thanks for the card with address. I am sending out Christmas cards soon. Unpacking is exhausting! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Looking forward to seeing more updates!

  2. What fun to see the photos of your new home! Many signs of progress. Just don't do too much too fast and burn out. Enjoy the process to some degree. Your loveseat looks comfy. I hope to get your mail to the PO soon as it is adding up. Between leaving last week and teaching this week I am now behind in getting stuff done. SOON. Love, Mom


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